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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:51

Burhaniye with Young Mosques and Religious Officers Week

Burhaniye with Young Mosques and Religious Officers Week
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In the district of Balikesir Ayvalik , Minister of Religion and Mosques Week was celebrated with the village youth .

Balıkesir news: Depending on the county Taylıeli in the village of Isha prayers held after the event , participating mufti Oguz text and the village imam Abdullah Kıymaz with young people while chatting 15 days to meet agreed .
District 2 kilometers from the Taylıeli held in the village Mosque and Religious Officers Week of activities , Religious works president Prof Dr Ahmet Görmez'in weeks and were followed by a statement on the band . Refreshments and conversation was held. Village youths came together 15 days to learn the Quran word , while other mosques and arranging trips to various institutions and organizations involved in kararlaştırıldı.etkinlig was happy young people . Event organizers Says Thank You young people of Abraham eg, the \"Presidency of Religious Affairs we have done this year that event, this year we have participated Mosques week , mosques and youth with were very pleased . Religious Affairs Department and our precious mufti would like to thank ,\"he said . Guler vital \"Presidency of Religious Affairs of the week mosques and youth as the youth have participated in the meeting on Taylıeli . Hopefully others will follow . Would like to thank those who contributed ,\"he said . Young thanking Mufti Oguz text \"This is the day Taylıeli our village Mosque and Religious Officers Week on the occasion of our village youth to have come together . Here a nice chat we did. Snacky post also in cinevision watched. Cinevision the other program also watched. Here, our youth have made a decision . Every 15 a day in our village will gather . Both who will learn . other religious issues than our'll find out soon , plus a variety of activities by other mosques youth sample will try to be . Others mosques among the youth in a virtual organization by making reciprocal visits our mosques with young people to fill the path hopefully will step . here we promised . Allah keep our promise to give power to the way we do hope . herein due to the sincerity of our young people also would like to thank them , \"he said . Imam Abdullah Kıymaz the \"Every year the Presidency of Religious Affairs celebrated by mosques and religious officials weeks this year his village, our own mosques in our own young our celebrated . Mosque and youth bridge the gap between how boards on the need for young people consulted also have made . Younger brothers of these events behind the future of this consistently meeting our our partnership would continue they promised . Hopefully beauties will be instrumental . Lord all our young mosque to meet with the mosque with the meeting , bless . all of our young people into the heart of the mosque love mosque fervor place you hope , \"he said . The event Mufti and Imam Abdullah Oguz Kıymaz text as well as young people , some imams and Aysel Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mustafa also attended.


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