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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 06:39

Burkay, Muş Alparslan University gave a lecture at

Burkay, Muş Alparslan University gave a lecture at
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Muş Alparslan University (MSU), 'Turkey Encounters', which was held within the activities has added a new element to the conference.

Muş news: Muş Alparslan University (MSU), 'Turkey Encounters', which was held within the activities has added a new element to the conference.
Kurdish politician and author Kemal Burkay, Muş Alparslan University 'peaceful and democratic methods in the solution of the Kurdish problem' conference gave. Sabahattin Zaim opening speech of the conference held at the Conference Hall, Rector of MSA. Dr.. Mr Faith did. Faith, speech begins by reading verses from a poem by Burkay'ın the Kurdish issue led to serious losses in the region for many years, he stressed. MSI, the solution process in order to contribute their just do what they did and continue to do that they would practice, everyone's solution to this problem in the stakeholders need to be said.
Then the conference began Burkay,"in a country more than one official language can be. Unfortunately we could not do it. Kurdish society to ignore the Kurdish resistance has led to. citizens of this country to deal with were forced. most recent 30-year conflict in the 50 thousand lifes have lost tens of thousands of unsolved murders, many economic resources were destroyed. region's economy turned upside down. Thousands villages were burned, destroyed and our people to the big cities headed. A portion of Europe headed. these migrations Istanbul, Izmir and Cukurova's order overturned. these people their homes, their villages, their property gone leaving,"he said.
Burkay'ın, said continued :"1966 wrote in an article because I was arrested. Kurds and Kurdistan have said, and it's not a crime. But they've written for the 3-4 with my friend were arrested. Imprinting ignore, with the Kurdish problem impossible to solve. 1990 'in the years Demirel and İnönü's coalition Kurdish reality agreed. But they followed the reforms did not happen. dirty war in full swing that was the time. Kurdish issue to the European Union can not go. European Union also does not accept it."

"ROBOS the EVENT THE GOVERNMENT cornered was made to"
Question and answer section of the students answered the questions Kemal Burkay, Sirnak Uludere district depends on the Midwater in the village of air operations deaths of 33 people on the rights In his reply to the question, the government has stressed that the event information. Burkay,"Roboski event a little incident is not. 33 bullets event Turkey is still alive. During the 1940s in Van 33 people, the killing is still not forgotten. Roboski also it is not light. Unfortunately Roboski event was not illuminated. Roboski event to me the government into a corner To compress made. initiative process in one doing this, the following message gave. 'Look, the AK Party government an opening made. But 33 villagers also bombed,' they said. then Prime Minister Erdogan 'I did not know,"he explained. Ben that explanation is correct, I think"he said.
"Jamaat government fight FLASH NOT TRUE"
After the conference, journalists, countries on its agenda answered the questions Burkay, government and the community dispute between finding the right that said. Burkay,"In the country of the events differently interpreted. Some that power-sharing fight is defined as. I come to this to be a positive not find. Wish this point had not come. Spree, a faith group as a government and such a fight ignition should. These fights to the democratization process does not serve. This Thereafter laws and behave according to need; conspiracy rather than by,"he said.
the previous day between the three ministers to his son's where businessmen for the operation of evaluating Kemal Burkay,"Do relating to operations not to comment. This is a very important operation.coming days situation will become clearer. suddenly everything in this country could not be expected improvement. Pollution is one of them. Their leader is not a matter, the system is a matter of. Turkey still has not reached the desired transparency,"he said.

Burkay, Muş Alparslan University gave a lecture at" comments for.


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