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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:21

Burning Car Tear

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A burning car parked in Adana people burst into tears.

A burning car parked in Adana people burst into tears.
According to information obtained, the center of Seyhan district Beyazevler neighborhood events occurring in the refrigerator repairman Cahit meteors, 4 months ago 01 of 556 plate car, seven thousand five hundred pounds purchased.
that the car's five thousand pounds in cash, 2 thousand 500 pounds indebted to 6 months after the meteors, refrigerator repair touring car was doing in the neighborhood.
meteors, Beyazevler in the neighborhood pines sit in the area to relax a little when you want, parked the car, back by the flames away began to burn.
Cahit meteors burning car tried to extinguish barely enough water because there was not successful. Meanwhile
surrounding citizens calling 110 and told the firefighters. Firefighters from the rest of the scene, the flames were put out of the car, but the car stayed back from the iron stack.
Cars gutted for livelihood which is one of meteors, can not be used state of the vehicle beginning to tears.
meteors, from the car down while relaxing in one of the car starts to burn and extinguish failed, said:"The car I just bought, refrigerator repair'm doing the debt, even if it was not over"said. Cahit
meteors family car also lit by telephone told of tears. Due to the fault of the car's electrical contacts is estimated lit.

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