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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:34

Bursa \"AK Party Mayor Meeting\"Continues

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Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek , the surplus arising in the cities to municipalities said they discuss the new arrangements for the transfer .

Bursa news: Photo Bursa Celik Palas Hotel yesterday began with the participation of the Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, \"AK Party Mayor Meeting\"continues today. Deputy Prime Minister this morning's session of the meeting, Ali Babacan , Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek , Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce joined .
The press made ​​off with providing information to reporters about the meeting , Finance Minister Simsek, \"As you know, yesterday the Prime Minister of our presidency , our mayor today ministers and our're doing our meeting deputy prime minister. at this meeting , municipal self we improve how their income, how do we improve local facilities, we discuss them . self would like to improve their income. to increase how accountability and transparency in local administration , talked of transferring resources issues of the municipality of rent. of course after steps are essential for budget discipline shall be taken. Therefore committed with in the city of budgetary discipline . in summary, we listen to the problems of our municipality , we discuss structural reforms to increase their own revenues . in particular, we can do what the transparency point, they have spoken . we talked about the structural arrangements on the transfer to municipalities of surplus arising in the city . Structurally, we are relieved to how our municipal our financial stability, how can you improve the facilities so that local citizens of our better quality, we can offer how much service, speak it , \"he said . The afternoon session of the Photo Meeting Minister Mehmet Simsek did not attend . The meeting Minister Ali Babacan , Forestry and water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroglu and Efgan Alain was held with the participation of Minister of the Interior .

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