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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:07

Bursa Deveciler Pear is Markalaşıy

Bursa Deveciler Pear is Markalaşıy
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Bursa is famous deveci markalaşıy pear .

Bursa news: Photo Gürsu Municipality, who grew up in town and deveci pear of branding which has a significant added value and took the first step for the geographical indication . Photo Gürsu the first meeting held at the Municipal auditorium , Mayor Cuneyt Stars In addition , council members , village headmen, district managers, NGO heads and co-presidents also attended. Photo Gürsu Mayor speaking at the meeting Cuneyt stars, \"Gürsu our fertile agricultural world's eye with the land , the value of our country. our district which contains a precious plain, no longer own deserves to establish its brand . is coming our in deveci armudu their head . Quality, efficiency and the saga is deveci pears to language with the flavor, that Gürsu unique , is inseparable such as meat and nail with Gürsu , it's time to tell Gürsu is the brand . with this meeting we're starting to do the branding and geographical indication of deveci pear , \"he said .
saying that their endeavors in solving the problems faced in agricultural production stars \"are doing important work to prevent hail damage . Benefiting from government support in File system and our strategic planning department in order to establish the cost is working hard . \"He said. Photo All that will give support as volunteers in this study continued his speech by thanking patent expert Ali Peker Stars , \"We armudu our point in the presentation , Gürsu our people , we held consultations with various organizations through our NGO , we will continue to organize . Now it is time to become a brand . Now such a high quality , efficient, delicious armudu our time to announce to the world with Gürsu . We \"Gürsu Gürsu together we manage our people,\"he said. Today, we draw our roadmap with all the dynamics of our in Gürsu this study . \"He said. To disclose information about the Photo Study process Ali after Peker's presentation , the process was created commission will follow. Gürsu Municipality will be carried out under the coordination of the Strategic Planning Unit branding and the geographical marking work is expected to be completed within 1.5 years.


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