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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:00

Bursa from charitable nursing home

Bursa from charitable nursing home
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The nursing home will be built by the philanthropist businessman Bursa protocol was signed .

Bursa news: Photo Lightning district of Central Avenue nursing home and they planned to Eşrefli Öztimur with Bursa Governorship for the project protocol signed between the Building . Demolished because of earthquake resistance, \"Ashraf's Orphanage for Girls', will be held again in Bursa Governor nursing home by the philanthropist businessman Munir Hasan Öztimur Karaloğlu'na the enterprise. Will be completed in about a year will be nursing a sample project . Photo Date province building on the signature Karaloğlu Speaking at the ceremony , \"earlier in Ashraf Girls Growing used as a dormitory, but earthquakes have very valuable land which was destroyed by geçemeyince durability tests. This land birhuz the house we had a project like making or procuring . a few benefactor wanted us to have a nursing home in our name, in this beautiful land . But it's out various problems in all of them. Then Hasan uncle , took the rest home with their sons . 70 rooms and this project turned out that 140 capacity. a protocol that we hope soon signed , till doomsday'Hasan Öztimur nursing homes'will remain . so far, many no they Öztimur in the business , as soon as possible with their own power will serve the good finish in this building , \"he said . Karaloğlu describing de Photo Yenişehir that nursing home opened , \"already after making the Yenişehir furnishing within 1-2 months we have opened a nursing home . There is a growing demand in this regard. Unfortunately, every day of our elderly in remaining outside the nuclear family profile , helpless and homeless will have a peace of our great slot will remain here . This 13 acres of land in our trees have registered . We behave precisely in the project. Without damage to any tree , it was designed as a place where you want to spend plenty of time in the garden of the elderly elderly , \"he said . Photo Philanthropy Hasan Öztimur said,\"will be an example to everyone in the hope one year we will build a nursing home building , \"he said .
nursing homes planned to be completed in one year with the protocol signed after the speeches project was formalized .


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