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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:17

Bursa Inventor Award from the Prime Minister

Bursa Inventor Award from the Prime Minister
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Produced by'Trimbox'is supplied to all electricity users generating solution to the high-voltage-related problems Bursa'l entrepreneurs Universe Citizen, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Industry ( BCCI) traditionally organized by the Economic Value of Katanas Award for'Bursa Inventors'was awarded .

Bursa news: Photo Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also attended the award ceremony in the Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light from the hands of young entrepreneurs Citizen, Prime Minister Davutoğlu also gave information about the first and only patented invention in the world. Photo PRIME MINISTER' DAN TRİMBOX A dOMESTIC PRODUCTION pRAISE by eliminating high voltage occurred frequently in thanks Trimbox devices produced
5 years ago electricity grid , home , workplace and electronic devices in factories indicating that they managed to protect Citizens Holding Chairman of the universe Citizen, \"Prime Minister, and Mr. Bakanımız as I pass 100 percent of domestic production featured a technological device reveals for the first time in the world just for our country not for me a very important step. economy growing our economy not foreign trade , innovation are open. at this point, exiting with the support of such invention and our young entrepreneurs is very important , \"he said .
PRESIDENT BURKAY YOU Photo by BCCI as the category 41 times organized by the Economic Value Added those awards this year for the first time put the'Bursa inventors'award owner of the Universe Citizen, President of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber Ibrahim Burkay also thank he . Citizens , \"Bursa in business R \u0026 D and the number that led to the spread of innovation culture Ibrahim Burkay and their ownership of inventions we put the BCCI management and gratitude because they encourage young entrepreneurs like me ,\"he said .

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