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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:25

Bursa Mufti Prof. Dr. Moon And in Germany for Team Training Trip

Bursa Mufti Prof. Dr. Moon And in Germany for Team Training Trip
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Bursa Mufti Prof.

Frankfurt news: Dr. Mehmet Emin Ay and his team , as part of the Bursa region and Germany last year signed brothers Area Agreement between Hessen , came to Frankfurt to study. The area Photo Bursa and after the signing of the Sister Area Agreement between Germany's Hessen , operating in the State of Hesse in 2013, a group of church representatives and the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs ( DITIB ) officials had conducted a study tour of Bursa . Dr. Mehmet Emin Ay accepted personally by the committee , on the subject of religious education has been discussed in the program in Bursa exchange ideas and experiences he shared with the Turkish representative. Late return of a delegation from Bursa to Frankfurt organized within the framework of his visit last year , he worked in various religious institutions in investigations and research in the State of Hessen . Hessen adopted by the Protestant Church as guests of Dr. Mehmet Emin Ay and his team found the German authorities and assessment of spiritual guidance in the training program which is the subject of this trip. Prison , hospital , nursing home, located in the examination in the emergency telephone service and delegation issues involved in spiritual guidance , as well as the President of the Assembly and Church Kartmann State President Dr. Met with Jung. Photo DİTİB Central Regional Coordinator Selcuk Doğruer , stating that this educational trip of the preparation of the 6 completed in a period of months , \"a one-week training program at the expert preacher in the delegation from Bursa , psychologists and took part in prison preachers . Turkey and was extremely helpful on a trip they share their experiences of the German representative. this is a routine visit rather than delegation of retained and captured video of a concrete training protocols to be used as training material in Bursa , \"he said . Education also makes the trip Doğruer responsibility of the project , personally coordinated programs for a week. On the other hand , Bursa Andreas Herrmann Protestant Church delegation from the guests who were interested in the program as being responsible for the church's delegation during the dialogue.

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