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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 03:04

Bus full of passengers was 600 liters of diesel oil leak

Bus full of passengers was 600 liters of diesel oil leak
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Ankara to Iskenderun to intercity bus passengers to be bothered by the smell of gasoline and stopped in Aksaray on the complaint.

a total of 600 liters of fuel tank and the trunk of the bus

illegal fuel drums were seized.

Event midnight, Aksaray-Istanbul occurred on the highway. Iskenderun-which was going to Ankara R. M. (42) administered 42 RA 898 plate intercity passenger bus, stopped at Adana. Adana, Aksaray road towards the bus over the ongoing status of the driver of the passenger area reported the smell of diesel. Anything in the path of ignoring the ongoing driver, the passengers on the presence of the police notice Aksaray-Istanbul highway 2 kilometer stopped.

bus searching Aksaray Provincial Police Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) Branch teams, two barrels of diesel seized the trunk of the vehicle. The fuel leak tester came with a control marker. Diesel fuel tank in the sample was checked by taking the bus. Diesel fuel tank of the bus were to be a leak. Seized a total of 600 liters of fuel leakage.

passengers who are victims of road for about 4 hours while hitchhiking their methods is asked to continue their journey. Some passengers were up teams of police facilities. The bus driver was arrested.

aggrieved passengers describing the event which they live,"the bus had a smell of gasoline. Intensive way. 'Existed to disturb all of us have complained to him. Diesel changed or something, but I do not know how, of course. Bus had an intense smell of gasoline. Police searched, searched the company, but a company that We could not,"he said.

One of the other passengers,"We arrived in Adana, Adana, when we come out of İskenderun smell began to appear. Odor friends are disturbed over. Already mentioned this. Said first pass the smell us. Has not passed the smell after him. Geçmedikten later, we've come up with a few people here, I think a few people who called it in. I do not call the police. After that, the police stopped us here.come and looked at diesel, fuel oil leak out,"he said.

Bus full of passengers was 600 liters of diesel oil leak" comments for.


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