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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 22:39

Businessmen Shout to the Prime Minister Davutoglu:\"Never Downscaling's \"

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General Meeting of the Foreign Economic Relations Board addressed the businessmen Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, \"Never downscaling .

İstanbul news: Our most important treasure our entrepreneurial power and geography represented by you , \"he said .
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Lutfi Kirdar Congress Center , organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board DEÝK General Assembly attended the meeting . The meeting Prime Minister Davutoğlu , as well as Economics Minister Nihat Zeybekci , Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Chairman of the Board attended the Foreign Economic Relations Board members, Omar Jihad . here , Prime Minister Davutoglu addressed the participants , \"Foreign Economic Relations Board of Directors strategic economy in Turkey , one of the most important institutions of the mind occurs. This board has recently had caused a lot of necessity to restructure itself. And more participatory know more numerically in the coverage as the more representative the ability to make strong our as first DEÝK president and valuable Economy Minister and our debt of gratitude to each of you , \"he said . Photo Davutoglu, \"Now with difficulties in adapting to these economic changes with conventional structures encounters . Especially after the global economic crisis, every institution , every state and every international organization is restructuring itself . We're going to Australia next week for the G20 summit . If history is very fast flowing, it is up and running his own position in this fast flow to put towards the axis outside this flow is outside in this race , \"he said . Photo Turkey's economically active politics continues stated that Obama,\"But Turkey's what is the difference ? The difference is that Turkey last 12 years trying to reach this vision remains active politics. Was growing economy in the year 90 , was expanding . During this period he developed the world economy as the Turkish economy to grow a few crisis could largely stop the backward flow of the difficult living , \"he said .
Pointed out that shrinks the world economy Davutoglu,\"See shrinking world economy in the last 12 years. Many old protectionist measures by countries themselves trying to boost a team trying to get into the area of ​​the circle. But Turkey continues to steadily road. Here, political stability, there is a direct relationship between economic policy of structural transformation and economic prosperity. What have we done . We had , I think , a serious transformation in three areas and we continue to spend , \"he said . Davutoglu asked the calling scale
Company to hold small, said:Photo \"Companies scale small amount while the countries politicians how they talk they talk about the big target he can not reach the target . We are putting targets actually magnifies the self-esteem scale revolution in this period. Some people call this our goal is not reached . These are the things that we have in mind . Some crisis for its tangent passed us . Again , we look to the future in hopeful ways. That's when we begin to fear if we closed our house again. DEÝK very important in this regard. You open us to the world. You turn to us in the world . Never downscaling . Our greatest treasure is our entrepreneurial power and geography represented by you . We are not a colonial country , get our great capital. Our geography, not boiling oil . We have what ? We have our people our people . Here DEÝK important because it represents the human community, and nothing is more important than that . \"Photo In the past years the investments of the examples that Prime Minister Davutoglu,\"total foreign investment into Turkey between 1984 and 2002, 14.6 billion dollars. Total investment of 145 billion dollars between 2003 and 2014, ie 10 times the investment. Dolarlıkl 27 billion Turkish entrepreneurs to invest abroad is made ​​. 1974 the amount of business outside of our contractors received $ 46 billion until 2002 . What's changed, vision has changed the mentality has changed. Most importantly, it has changed the political will created them , \"he said . Thanks to Photo Exporters Davutoglu , \"I thank you once again for our exporters . Also be a 5.5 increase in our exports , despite all the impossibilities that try to bring the event back to back exactly as it was one nightmare of a beautiful gift to Turkey both our new government. However, the current account deficit is also reduced , \"he said . Reminiscent Photo investments of recent events in Turkey adverse effects , Davutoglu said:\"If this Kopani and similar reasons in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, this instability has not suffered psychology so good he was sitting right there on the shifting a serious investment . But they will be exceeded. Please be delivered to these vandals to these thugs. We will not surrender you to be delivered . Investment purposely have to say. I will ask from you in export-oriented issues inside you to support this structural change. \"Davutoglu Photo Businessmen want them to feel free to make investments , \"we expect from you first need to turn to diversified strategies , including Africa. Trade, investment , construction, natural resources and energy in that direction ... And the world including Turkey and preparing for the next 20-30 years . We expect this strategy to develop \"gave expression to the place .

Businessmen Shout to the Prime Minister Davutoglu:\"Never Downscaling's \"" comments for.


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