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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:57

Butchers provided by Women for Men

Butchers provided by Women for Men
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Eid men to stone women in Bursa which was marked by butchers .

Bursa news: Put away the knife in the hands of women floating , until such time injuries , he said.
Day prayer citizens, victims and green areas to cut flocked to the market place . Bulbous green spaces in the neighborhood , was filled with trying to cut the victim . Of the animals slaughtered men women also helped to swim . Knife into the hands of the women , their husbands stones pulled out .
Mother of two children Ayse Gold (41), butcher's wife, who gave every feast helped , said:\"The slaughtered animals shredding and skinning butcher's wife who I learned from . Evening how many sheep will deduct do not know but we cut in 4 hours 20 separate small animals , \"he said .
cut their own victims Yuksel If appropriate, that his wife helped him , since small animals can be cut , he said. Men themselves mutilation can not give meaning expressing appropriate , \"So far, I never did not injure . Konya since my childhood among animals to have lived to cut , swim everything I know . Men come, the victim's how to cut saw ,\"he konuşturdu .
Female butchers If the surrounding citizens who admired what they did , \"you're hiding from the eyes of God \", commented .

Butchers provided by Women for Men" comments for.


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