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  • 31 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 23:07

Butler Art is flowing on the streets

Butler Art is flowing on the streets
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The fourth time this year, organized by the Municipality of butler"enlightened by the Republic Art Festival"İsmetpaşa Street was the scene of colorful images.

Uşak news: With regard to the festival will continue until Sunday
Mayor Ali Erdogan noted that popularize the art of Uşak License. Stating that brought become a traditional festival every year, increased participation and more loved by all sectors of art, he said. Underlining the important role in increasing awareness of the urbanization of the city of art Erdogan,"Art is an important factor in the development of our city. Art, and there are lots of places to love it, always have done, and faster development of cities has become habitable. Soundtracks and art in our city to contribute in this regard by most of the mass of giving active effort to being adored. within the province and outside the province, plus the many artists who are able to contribute their works with the provinces,"he said.
Butler had provided benefits for the Municipality of the city of art in many aspects with Erdogan underlined the city's change in the sample with entered between the cities, he said. That all projects with a positive emphasis on the return of President Erdogan,"plan to win projects, municipalities and citizens. Many projects we do return back to us as soon as possible investments in quality. Therefore carry out a careful planing target,"he said.
İsmetpaşa The locations of the stands on the experiences of street artists around 300, stands over visiting Uşaklılarla share the vibrancy of the street provided. Stands poet, writer, painter, master of glass, ceramic tile master dozens of master artist's pottery.


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