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  • 27 Ocak 2014, Pazartesi 04:07

Butler, going out with University

Butler, going out with University
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Faculty of Dentistry Uşaklı to rent Businessmen pledged support.

Uşak news:  Faculty of Dentistry Uşaklı to rent Businessmen pledged support. Usak University Rector. Dr.. Sait Steel newly established Faculty of Dentistry faculty members will be announced.
11 Butler University Faculty with the Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Dentistry of the region's best that they do work to be successful in the field of Steel Rector at the University of Usak faculty members said they wanted to see. Faculty of Dentistry faculty member will recruit for the transfer Rector. Dr.. Sait Steel statement said:"The Faculty of Dentistry for our best in the field, trademark teacher who want to work with. Us to choose them for their good facilities have to offer. Businessmen in this regard will support the symptoms. Faculty of Dentistry will offer training in teaching our members rents Uşaklı will be met by businessmen. most good teacher who are thinking of renting our villa-style homes."said.
Statement, butler, a butler underlined that come with the University Rector Steel Usak University has pointed out that the shining star of the region. Usak Usak with businessmen and industrialists and stating that they collaborate for the development of Usak University Rector. Dr.. Sait Steel"university-industry cooperation is very important. Our cooperation protocols subject the importance we attach proves. Starting from this point to the Uşaklı philanthropists, businessmen, industrialists and civil society organizations help and support makes us happy. Usak University, 11 faculties, three colleges, two institutes and 9 vocational schools of the region is a shining star. This year the number of students, 16 thousand 700 Preferred as a university just opened and we consider opening our school the best teachers we want to. our students the best education we want to give. favorite teacher, the university to bring them good opportunities to offer needs. this point to businessmen, their support is significant. these and supports like thanks Usak public university with giving hand in hand will grow. Businessmen our responsible approach thank you for the other joint cooperation projects to make an example I wish I would."he said.

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