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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:34

Buy a new rifle that killed his friend were going to Trial

Buy a new rifle that killed his friend were going to Trial
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A person in Adana , shotgun in hand as a result of the ignition of a motorcycle driver killed thousands .

Adana news: According to information obtained
event , on 17 October 2014 at 00.30 Heart Sunny Quarter district occurred in the Solomon Wahid Street . Allegedly Ashraf I. ( 19) took a new shotgun . Ashraf I. rifle understands and butchery that Mahmoud Paker (21), called his friend went over , \"I'm a new rifle I bought I want to try . You rifle you understand , come together to go out of town, let's try it ,\"he said . Thereupon Paker , motorcycle dragged them away to friends on their way to the back . Ashraf received a new rifle if I do not try to put the safety flares open with excitement forgot . Meanwhile, Paker hard bump into a motorcycle at the time of the fire when you get more guns in the hands of a friend was shot in the back . Thereupon, mate ambulance to the scene and called the police. Paker removed to hospital by ambulance died in the morning . Ashraf I, before going on a motorcycle opened fire on them face masked individuals , he said. However, the police continued to interrogate this disbelief . Ashraf I received the news of the death of a friend , \"I bought a new rifle suddenly caught fire rifle passes through bumps on the way to trial , my friend was shot by saying,\"Go to the place where the rifle was at . Event is very sorry and remorseful because of Ashraf stating that I was referred to court after being interrogated . The suspects were shipped removed the guard in the courthouse was sent to prison by the court . Paker, who was taken to the forensic medicine institute at the funeral was taken by relatives after an autopsy was buried yesterday .

Buy a new rifle that killed his friend were going to Trial" comments for.


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