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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 22:27

Büyükçekmece in'Archives'exhibition at Ataturk Newspapers

Büyükçekmece in'Archives'exhibition at Ataturk Newspapers
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Büyükçekmece archive exhibition consists of newspaper which was published on 11 November 1938 opened with a ceremony .

İstanbul news: Photo 76 anniversary of Atatürk's death in Istanbul Aydin University and Büyükçekmece Municipality in cooperation with'11 dated November 1938 Atatürk Headlines'exhibition was opened. The death of the opening of the exhibition of newspaper archives collected one day after Büyükçekmece Mayor Hasan Akgun, journalist Yılmaz Özdil , actor Müjdat Gezen and many citizens attended . Following the exhibition's opening while visiting affective expression that Müjdat Gezen , thanked the Road transport services for the exhibition. Photo Büyükçekmece for'< strong> DEN EXHIBITION GREAT INTEREST President Says Thank You to Büyükçekmece because of their interest in the Photo Exhibition Akgun, \"Our Ancestors I thank my teacher for 76 of was the death anniversary of Büyükçekmece a very nice collection in its original form by newspapers in sergilediler.1938 on 10 November have had us on that day is very meaningful exhibition .10 in November offered us a cultural treasure , \"he said .
Aydin University professor from regulating the exhibition Dr. Zoot expressed his satisfaction with the Günal interest , compiled from the Atatürk Library in newspapers they said they did such an exhibition . Günal indicating that young people need to be sensitive, \"Atatürk's what he does at the end of Speech youth oratory is . For that reason, documents when selecting young people is at what stage , so he tried to give their sensitivity. In fact, that exhibition the meaning would be clearer if you pay attention to the theme, \"he said. < br/> stating that they affect the citizens participating in the exhibition , Büyükçekmece they thanked Mayor Hasan Akgun Hotel.

Büyükçekmece in'Archives'exhibition at Ataturk Newspapers" comments for.


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