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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:04

ÇABASED, seek solutions to the problems of working women

ÇABASED, seek solutions to the problems of working women
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Women working in Health, Education, and Culture Organization (ÇABASED), to solve the problems experienced by women working in the home and in the business world has developed 'My house, my wife, my job' from the project was approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

Association, to solve the problems of working women with family counselors specialized psychological support to women who wish to be found, and give seminars.

ÇABASED Chairman Ebru Aksay, Istanbul Governor's Office before the Ministry of the Interior announced that their application has been accepted. President of the Association Aksay, working and married women lived or live in the world of home-work problems, referring to"current or potential damage to these problems, women in business and home life as soon as possible in order to prevent the healthy and aim to prevent or resolve. Thus the cornerstone of society, the family, will continue to exist in a peaceful manner and that children who grow up in families in a peaceful individuals and their families will be beneficial to society as well,"he said.

marital life to work together to work together to execute a number of problems with handicaps, and pointed out that bringing Aksay,"Spouse and children to spend time with adequate and high-quality, job stress reflect the household, family relationships, though from time to time Among them are limp. Unfortunately, this and similar problems continue, repeat, and not resolved, the job until the götürebilmektedir divorce. According to a survey made among the members of the Association, more than 80 per cent of members stated that around 40 percent of home-work balance, unable to leave work for reasons mentioned in friend stated that thinks,"he said.

providing information on how to carry out the project coordinator of the association Gevher Sayar, family counselors and psychologists with certain periods every month given seminars told. These seminars are presented after the association of women working in family and working life will be voiced support for a psychologist to solve his problems.

ÇABASED, seek solutions to the problems of working women" comments for.


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