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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:46

Cahan President:\"Working With Neglect Appreciation Collect \"

Cahan President:\
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Ihlas News Agency (IHA) Regional Director İbrahim Öztürk Ertunc Representative sword and his servant , the Mayor visited Nuru Cahaya authorities .

Uşak news: Ihlas News Agency (IHA) Regional Director İbrahim Öztürk Ertunc Representative sword and his servant , the Mayor visited Nuru Cahaya authorities . Views of the city, when speaking
projects , projects were tabled by joining the messenger of view . Usak power of the media in shaping public opinion influence what they know and what they give value to the Mayor expressing Nuru Cahen , in this context, examples of the UAV was the message that takes its place among news organizations . Ihlas News Agency since the establishment of his articles with examples that said Mayor Nuru Cahen , \"Mayor commencing work together with our us, our projects have started . Doing in our efforts never did it was in the mentality will not . Province for our and urban interests for the common joint at will unite . Citizens of our institutions thought care will . it is precisely at this point, press the important tasks is reduced. carpet in the public to receive news and management among citizens form a bond because of a kind of public tasked the media employees , our authors on this task as well as the most beautiful in the performance will be. citizens of our municipality and our projects expectations regarding the media-mediated achieved with the will . our province in this context, the task best undertaken one of Institutions UAVs are . Local and generally demonstrated success with remarkable UAV our municipality projects in the promotion task worthy realizes with . Both the problems of citizens telling us our agency , on the occasion of our expectations is to be heard in Ankara . This maintenance will continue to work with our agency , \"he said .
Butler news in terms of the UAV UAV successfully creates the perception Regional Director Ibrahim pointed out that the Sword,\"We care about the Servant since the beginning . Developments in Usak , expectations and events, our people are doing our best to hear . Public expectations are transferring to govern in the most objective way . In this context , as in Usak well here we are in our country in terms of reliability . Butler in the period of active work will exhibit the new municipality . Municipality in the province in terms of what has been done to our citizens by way of news will reflect . Again we see the elimination of deficiencies in the name of journalism will fulfill all the need . Nuru Mayor Butler Cahan working in harmony with the fact that in the most beautiful spot we will contribute reporting . On this occasion, the Mayor Nuru Cahaya success in the new era of hope , \"he said .

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