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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:29

Cakir, Doğanşehir observations in the neighborhood Erkenek

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Mayor Ahmet Cakir , Doğanşehir neighborhood in the Municipality of Erkenek took place about studies examining asphalt work.

Mayor Ahmet Cakir , Doğanşehir neighborhood in the Municipality of Erkenek took place about studies examining asphalt work. Photo Doğanşehir County Erkenek the neighborhood trip Mayor Ahmet Cakir , as well as the Deputy Secretary General Ertan Mumcu , Zeki Yellows, Doğanşehir Mayor Hema young with some department heads and branch managers also attended. for the work
Structures Thank Doğanşehir Mayor Hema young , \"really done very good work . although we are this year, the Metropolitan was done several studies on the selfless efforts will result . I believe that larger studies in the Municipality of our next year. Hopefully next year Erkenek will have gained a better view. Erkenek'lien will be freed from dust and mud. Things that I would like to thank the Metropolitan the mayor for these services , I believe that even more beautiful service , \"he said .
hours , indicating that notion , regardless of the great pace continued operation Mayor Ahmet Cakir, \"Doğanşehir our district one static , the other two team continues its work , including the hot asphalt team. One of our eminent Erkenek Malatya settlements. In particular, there were three points where the lack of asphalt , hot asphalt work we are currently doing in one of these points . 2 kilometers will be completed as soon as our work in this area , \"he said .
Some streets and President Cakir , indicating that the lack of infrastructure in the streets, \"the years that have been made before, and we got the program currently also the lack of infrastructure in frayed. After completing infrastructure work to do around here keystone tiles. We plan to work with our municipal Doğanşehir we do in this region. Photo Municipality to take good quality service to our people and services as we are in a selfless effort to improve the quality . Our people are waiting for us, a very serious service. Metropolitan Municipality as we continue our work in an effort to meet these expectations. This year was a very serious work will bring to our goal of doubling our efforts next year. For this, you need a serious restructuring and continue to work on this issue. We have solved the problem in our county roads , especially roads Hopefully next year group . Infrastructure work will begin next year in our district . Infrastructure is complete , we will convert our streets and squares of the town square and a prestige street. I thank all my friends in the field working in a selfless way , \"he said .

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