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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:33

Cakir , \"The State of the Box Not So Good \"

Cakir , \
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Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Assembly 1. Turan Cakir vice president , said the Municipality is not safe because of the debt from the county council so good.

Samsun news: Photo commission meeting in November 2014 the Chairman of the Assembly 1. Turan Cakir presidential palace Assembly Meeting was held at the Municipality Hall. Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of the Commission's agenda for 2015 fiscal year budget have been determined as 560 million TL. Voting before speaking vice president Turan Cakir , \"There are long-term debt related to investments made ​​by our municipality , there are also loans used but no debt history day outside of it. So in this sense all appropriations other than those loans used from Iller Bank Metropolitan comes to the Municipality . But your liability in the district municipality or other municipal matter how much , as required by law can not be cut more than 40 percent. Due from district municipalities reached serious numbers. in particular, including debts to the Treasury. the Municipalities since it was connected to the municipality net 20 million pounds they cut off the money. Monthly 8-they cut 9 million pounds. that upset our account. we're having this, it produces a solution , \"he said . Photo District because of the debt from the municipality Municipality of the case of an expression that is not good Cakir, \"Metropolitan Municipality'the situation is good but not so good situation of the case . we say that we have to determine our priorities in certain jobs better. It can not work under the Municipality's capacity, organizational capacity is very large and Download municipality is large . The income from the realization rate of 2014 percent of the budget at 80-85 pm, at the expense of the 90 percent point-is around 95 . So we see that the overlap occurs with the forecast. I think this is a good rate. Because most public institutions and between the particular estimated and realized who is going on a very big difference , \"he said .
Commission made ​​a statement to the press after the meeting Cakir, \"Metropolitan Municipality's boundaries and expand service areas . But it did not increase revenue at the same rate . We are 7-8 months are we doing spending serious about it. Currently the last 2-3 months, there is a decrease in appropriations from . 21 million accrued in the previous month , but that money around £ 14 million . In November accrued £ 16 million , £ 9 million was from money . Interruptions due to the municipal district began connect us . These are high relative to its serious they are . Accordingly , we want to set our priorities a little more in services. So a few months we want to let go a little more controlled . We will return to normal after that , \"he said . After the Photo Talk Metropolitan Municipality was approved with 560 million fiscal budget for 2015 , which unanimously .
Then commissioners, the Metropolitan Municipality of district municipalities after the vote on the fiscal budget for 2015 the fiscal 2015 budget was adopted unanimously with a single reading .

Cakir , \"The State of the Box Not So Good \"" comments for.


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