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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:38

Call Center Course Start

Call Center Course Start
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Nigde Mayor and Call Center Education Directorate of Public Education Course in collaboration with the Central Office was opened.

Niğde news: Photo Nigde City Council held on Monday, November 10, 2014 programs starting in the lounge , which runs until 18 March 2015'Call Center'courses enrolled trainees began their initial training . Nigde Mayor and the Public Education Department co-working in the Public Education Center held at the call center course with 7 teachers shall be given by trainees to 544 hours of training.
< Strong> trainees ACHIEVEMENTS I WISH Photo Mayor Faruk Akdoğan ; \"Nigde found Municipality as Provincial Directorate of Education affiliated to Public Education Center in cooperation with the call center staff to our training course of 107 trainees in the application and have started their course. 7 alternately course they will take our trainees with our individual teacher. When Afterwards course completion Call Center Trainees certificate to claims. Certifications and courses with relating Nigde will not pay any compensation to the Municipality . Ministry of Education as the Council's sponsorship of the course Nigde Public Education will be conducted by the Central Business association . I wish success to our trainees , \"he said .
Nigde Mayor Faruk Akdoğan ; \"Always Nigde as we opened vocational courses as a municipality. 2500 people have given close to certification in accordance with the training and courses they take our trainees . Giving Certification KOSGEP a part in our trainees from another side not , business owners and professional entrepreneurship courses with projects we made with Ahi Development Agency the owner was our work at the designated point . the next process in increasing the diversity of our projects are ready in the Municipality of Nigde to open courses in all areas. whether applied to constitute Enough class. from cookery course , to entrepreneurship courses , from jewelry design course , all kinds of courses Nigde until the computer courses to open in the Municipality we are ready . we opened most of these courses have opened the day at Call Center courses with a nominal 10 November , 2014. will continue until March 18, 2015 Call to serve our Center course I wish our teachers and the success of our trainees . Entrepreneurship our course will be opened on 17 November. November 14th until the application continues , \"he said .
ENOUGH THAT ASK YOU WE THEY ARE READY Photo Nigde Education Director Halil İbrahim Yaşar ,\"Public Education Department in the past seven to seventy we held up courses. Everyone breathes our potential trainees . Everything about whichever subject you mind , the patient from sitting , which course you want to animal breeding facility open 10 people come together every course there is the possibility of Public Education Department . Within the framework of the protocol by the institution in the course are able to open all the courses. As long as we are willing to ask you this. All courses are supposed to be training with the channel because the document Public Public Education Department as we give . We opened our more with our currently a municipal course . I would like to thank the participants for their participation . I thank you because they are conducive to such courses in Nigde Mayor Mr. Faruk Akdoğan to . I wish to continue. \"

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