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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:54

Call Center Reaches 10 Months 50 Thousand People

Call Center Reaches 10 Months 50 Thousand People
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Kütahya Association of Public Hospitals Secretary General Dr.

Kütahya news: Mithat Ekici, the officers of the call center , he said 10 months, 50 thousand patients and families is reached. Founded in Photo Secretariat structure and hospitals service area accounted for the satisfaction of citizens'Planters indicating that achieved great success of the call center , \"Kütahya Public Hospitals Association on the General Secretariat of Finance, earlier this year established to assess the satisfaction of the hospitals of services, citizens'call Center'by achieving good success in a very short time , unions affiliated hospitals to apply that 50 thousand patients and feedback related to the hospital by calling the phone the relatives of patients alınmıştır.çağr of reached by phone to our patients , our officials that the central friend , asks the services received hospital our , as well as to measure their satisfaction , views and take their suggestions. Inpatient or they want some of the outpatient assessment of do we care random calling . services they receive for this purpose our citizens hospital our of , healed of the disease , that improvement we question the satisfaction of our service and general impressions . Patients with a good channel of communication between us and these centers, which sheds light on us a lot about . The feedback made ​​through call centers, criticism, comments and suggestions are giving direction to our work . We care greatly for his services this center for the development of our hospital. Contributions of our patients is important to us . Every time we are in favor of common sense . Opinions and suggestions in the service provision of the service area and its implementation will improve the quality of services . We are in dialogue with our patients will also increase trust and confidence with each other. To rely on the person's physician and health care workers in health is very important and is an important parameter of the treatment. Made by , complaints and suggestions to our hospital authorities notified , we want to correct the deficiencies by working on these issues. Improvements in our hospital are quite usual , we understand from the answers given to this unit. Is that sufficient ? Yet not enough , there's more work to be done . Hospitals need to support our citizens and our exchange for development, \"he said . (EFA)

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