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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:38

Call for Common Sense businessmen

Call for Common Sense businessmen
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East and Southeast Associations of businessmen came together under the umbrella of the platform , due to events occurring across Turkey and Gaziantep urged common sense .

Gaziantep news:
in Gaziantep, Mardin Education and Solidarity Foundation ( MAREV ) performed many businessmen joined to a press release . East and Southeast Associations Platform members press release on behalf Jamal Kadooğlu did.
Jamal Kadooğlu , in the press release contained the following statements replied:
\"We are clear, as was recently upset us all the painful events experienced Teknofor . Throughout Turkey incidents as a result of unfortunately , many citizens lost their lives, many others were injured, businesses have been destroyed and violence in the country at several points in different ways shows its face .
in developed democracies, societies demands without violence to express is the most fundamental . therefore in Syria tragedy responds to and sensitivity show the most conscientious stance , of course. we this conscientious stance partners that we here would like to mention . However, this right to refer to the use of violence , the lives of people losing their conscience our wings have . country in the recent years experienced peace to sabotage against these provocations by our people recognized and common sense was condemned in conscience .
unique in the world in a short time by a rare success story in Gaziantep, can be lived in harmony thanks to a combination of different cultures have survived to the present day . Religious , intellectual , faith, culture , whatever everyone living in this city of peace, of brotherhood we live in , is the greatest power of all of us . For many years without the slightest problem environment we live in peace and brotherhood is the biggest proof of it . Provocations of all kinds in our city and in our country this brotherhood , harmony and coexistence is designed to break the will .
We , Eastern and Southeastern Society Platform as we are aware of it . Therefore everyone to be more sensitive , common sense and leave our children a peaceful country and Gaziantep urge to strive for more . Responsibility is all . Gaziantep, Turkey is all of us .
Events occurring across the country, all our citizens who lost their lives in the mercy of Allah, also extend our condolences to the grieving family . Suffering is our suffering . \"
A member of the press now calls for common sense to the question whether Gamal Kadooğlu kalınıp thick , gave the following response:
\"It's early , perhaps, could have been better but it was not finished . Because in Gaziantep in Turkey yesterday evening and was very incident . Everyone knows the previous evening , as four people dead and 20 people were injured . We believe that this situation will continue for a few days . But as soon as anyone else would like to finish this job . We are in this business as East and Southeast Associations across the platform that we would like to announce to the public in the presence of everyone . \"


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