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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:57

Call for common sense MÜSİAD'dan

Call for common sense MÜSİAD'dan
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Independent Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association Düzce Branch President Ismail Cakmak , Isidor to condemn the attack on the Kobani'nin and started to mobilize the international community to show acts of violence were found in a written statement upon conversion .

Düzce news:
\"Truth never with violence can not be requested \"the lighter, \"In our country in recent days, trying to establish an environment of violence and bring the curfew with great anxiety and are able to follow . always the biggest supporter we have stated, the solution process will undermine any kind of discourse and actions to be avoided in an environment Kobani'de experienced , we also a great sadness and concern followed Isidor terrorism , citing our cities deaths have enough violent reactions democratic rights and reconcile unable to indicate we want .'Great peace project'which we define as'settlement process'eve of these events occurring is significant that we found we want to express . rights when searching for the right entry is extremely wrong that killing of innocent people , public goods incineration, security forces armed with stones , sticks in the attacks must be made no justification and amount as well , although not such acts of violence problems it is clear that contribute to the solution . No rights can not be claimed when violence . MÜSIAD as the solution process will undermine every effort located across'll international arena, the law determined by the universal grounds with be involved in an environment , Turkey unfair reasons no one and no group all kinds of provocation open to make is not entitled . However, the group that owns the opinion leaders on the promise ; common sense , common sense and to be all kinds of provocation will lead the discourse and actions to avoid inviting the Brotherhood's continuity will establish'settlement process'to undermine every effort also MÜSIAD as located across the street that we would like to mention , \"he said .

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