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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:03

Call for Common Sense Office Officer-Sen

Call for Common Sense Office Officer-Sen
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Office Officer-Sen Chairman of Ugur Unal , Turkey from Gaziantep to events across urged common sense .

Gaziantep news: Isidor
protest against the attack on the Kobani'nin many provinces of Turkey on the pretext incidents have happened. In Gaziantep, four citizens were killed in the incident , and many citizens were injured. Many businesses and public property were damaged .
Stop in Turkey on the events continue to make calls to common sense . Office Officer-Sen Chairman Ugur Ünalan the Gaziantep attended the meeting citizen to be discreet invited .
His speech in Bingöl who were killed members of the police to the mercy of Allah, close to the patience and condolences began by Ugur Ünalan, said:< br/> \"New Turkey is spoken these days, Iraq Damascus to the Islamic State response under the pretext of our country in various points of conflict and remove , Turkey knees trying to hotbeds of nonstop running. During this process, our people , Anatolia, our people and our press discreet must be . misdirection , with people at different points in carrying some wounds scratch , but society benefits not . we all live in the country . Bureau Officer-Sen , the conscience and intellect everyone to be sensible , common sense and brotherhood in the cooperative movement are invited .
Today we all Office Officer-Sen members representing unity and all the way to get happiness and again unity and whole purpose of sharing the particular branch heads , including members of the Board and unity here adds life with the joy of being'm alive. Currently we are here to share a unity of being and of life and want to be here again, the non , but the hearts salute to all those who get in here with us . Hail to you, dear brothers . This merger , which helped , and who pioneered the esteemed president of the branch and my Office Officer-Sen'i our very precious members of infinite gratitude .
For all of humanity and all that it is time now , but unfortunately jammed , shrinking our world without unity there is peace can not be. In fact, history tells us that in the examples .
Been successful in the Union societies , civilizations have built , while those fragments scattered , destroyed , have been erased from history . To find himself before a self-self-self view , reveal that exists , then know that it is an integral part of the whole , is love , is respect . Do not hide , to be open. Not to say , is to apply.
On the road to Union , henceforth, began to come together moments . Now we Bureau Officer-Sen , are all integrated . We all public officials to serve you and we're coming together . Whose pen is with us , who is a theology that does not matter . Names , job titles , position on , not to authorities , public awareness , Office Officer-Sen members and now is the time to serve all public employees . Our way is heplig from nothing . Always when we had our new name . Previously , I , you, he is our consciousness ; By now we had a our joy was . Now a word with one eye , a self , a conscious move on as friends. This time, our consciousness , and by the light of faith , there are times that we stick together . \"


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