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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:30

Call for Common Sense President of Tollu

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Mayor of Mersin virtuous Mükerrem Tolli, the events across the country in recent days, extremely sad and dangerous , noting that common sense has invited citizens .

Mersin news: Tolli, who were killed in Bingol police chief medical wished for .
Tolli President , the events in recent days and 2 police officers killed in Bingöl due to be made ​​a written statement . Is extremely dangerous and sad record of the events of the Toll , every citizen should be extremely discreet and quiet was underlined that . The events taking place across Turkey for a long time played the game a result of claiming to be the Tolli, \"It was like a riot view this incident the Turkish Armed Forces in place to intervene , this confusion would end hope . State of our police and military on duty and a traitor to the required courses will give \"he said.
some provocateurs citizens stimulating a number of actions in which they are expressed Tolli, \"We particularly touchy-feely at a time and awake to calm our benefits are. all our citizens to be careful and games come are required. , our country really is in dire straits . Kobani'yi excuse those who , our cities instead of war to convert the innocent citizens workplace and tools to destroy are . Hence our country, brother, sister-breaking to be , or rather a civil war to remove the work . these foreign-oriented are games . Sorry actors let us are in our . us any time from the east to the west , from north to south to distinguish any of our citizens is not a state policy . But some do not know yourself , Kobani'yi us us who count their dignity despite attempting to negotiate this game will come . All our people in these difficult days careful and be discreet invite \"he said .
Tolli, in Bingöl who was martyred for cops condolences in a statement, said:\"This country the sons of the soil to protect our eyes never crop have . This has been the case throughout history , then it will be the case . To this end sherbet of martyrdom and martyrs from the inside all our veterans will remember with gratitude , especially for families and lovers of all our nation would condolences . These countries want to divide those stubborn , political opinion , our view of the world and our place of birth Our regardless of all our citizens unity and solidarity invites , lighter , stronger and more prosperous Turkey for a thousand years the brotherhood of our law to live in this way will continue reminds me , and I give respect . You have the right of our nation . \"

Call for Common Sense President of Tollu" comments for.


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