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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 12:00

Call for Government to Ciray CHP Time

Call for Government to Ciray CHP Time
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The government seyyanen salaries of judges and prosecutors promise to raise £ 155 thousand in the elections of the High Council to the General Assembly is expected to bring in legislation , the CHP another offer came to power .

İzmir news: CHP İzmir deputy and Party Assembly Member Dr. Ayten Ciray , \"Judges and prosecutors intended for our rates , all public employee salaries also hike the demand. Members of the judiciary about our proposal , the General Assembly when it comes to a resolution with this hike all public employees to be reflected in the proposal will give ,\"he said .
JUDICIARY to maintain the honor oFFER
CHP Ciray , Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag High Council elections a month before the judges and prosecutors hike announced that the'meaningful'indicated that the release of these opinions has included:< br/> \"judges and prosecutors for our the upcoming new pay arrangements , judges and prosecutors our terms of a right handed is . Judicial esteemed members of their rightful wages under the work as a deputy so I did find . Consequently them to be held hike I support . course our judges and our prosecutors never let them get caught between conscience and purses . However, these price increases will be made by the Minister of Justice , Mr. Bekir Bozdag HCJP new ending had been promised before the election that I think is a bit revealing . Thank beyond our judges and prosecutors . However, recently the introduction to Parliament of employee rights to organize our judges and prosecutors about what I expected this arrangement , the High Council in the elections to be held , on the independence of the judiciary is unfortunately overshadowed . Our judgment of honor that makes already its independence is not it? \"Judicial honorable independence almost a selection of bribery and fading like the fact that extremely uncomfortable explaining that Ciray , said:\"He respects the judiciary's pride protect them both they deserve the salary level to move them to do time rate should be raised up in all public employees . Thus, the choice of judicial corruption and protects from SAIB peace by serving both studies , this hike we will have to extend to all public employees . Otherwise politicized judicial claims next election bribery shaded by a judgment of our public memory is extremely bad influence will leave . \"
JUSTICE SCALES your own shroud TART not
hike alone, only judges and prosecutors to be made to would not undermine the sense of justice of the Turkish people Ciray defending , \"the fact that members of the judiciary as a legal notion probably know better than us ;'not personal law ...'Just like that , in these conditions, Turkey's only one time in a particular occupational group would not be fair . Why ? Because the scales of justice balance and their platter can not measure , \"he said.
members of the judiciary until the end deserved salary increase while other public employees to take advantage of this time to make an exit Ciray inviting , he said:
\"The Supreme Court Bar Association and Chairman of the Department of sensitivity with a written statement in this regard may be appropriate to express . Members of the High Council of the Judiciary hike before the elections that were promised in the selection of the High Council in the elections that will provide a foundation bribery claims or SAIB . Hike will be our judges and prosecutors to be reflected in all of the arrangements for public employees when it comes to Parliament a proposal will give . Proposal same time I'm going to ask to be reflected in the rate of all public employees . Social justice, labor peace and the independent judiciary, respect for the'll do it , and the AKP deputies also sensitive to this issue urge to be . \"
Assembly will in the embodiment of judges and prosecutors registry amnesty will be brought and administrative judiciary and the Council of State , acting only law school graduate to non-without examination faculty of law to be entitled to enter argues that Ciray the following opinion stated:
\"Mr. Minister of Justice to do this hike'choice as a bribe'to those who says;'This is black propaganda , is ugly , not to offend the judiciary is facing'I'm speaking to him ; you do this you also and judicial contempt as well as her salary , employee rights gratified that it attempts to politicize is an attempt , \"he said.
CHP İzmir deputy Dr. Ayten Ciray , judgment of 12 September 2010 referendum removed with regulations under pressure taken politicized attempted recalling that the description was completed as follows:
\"Judicial independence of the High Council in the regulations mortgage area , jobs reversed, when members of the judiciary our salaries and employee rights and the siege began . These things are not right . Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the Sept. 12 referendum arrangements result of the mistakes one by one emerges. Games are played on the judiciary . Basis of merit and not pursued the notion of law . Instead of trying to be grown men partisans and supporters of law . Unfortunately, the mentality of the AKP government argues that the law is not the rule of law . The notion of law and administrative non-judicial employees working in some jurisdictions without an examination is to be sent to law school . Registration forgiveness we do not know with who knows what they are trying to cover up . As a result of the rule of law in Turkey , just as the Constitution is not a step by step ... \"

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