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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 19:58

Call for Integration of Elazığspor'un

Call for Integration of Elazığspor'un
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And calls the spectators who want to take passolig card Zülfü Aydıngöz Elazığspor Club Press Officer , punters sharing joy and happiness by integrating the football players on the field will be more successful , he said.

Elazığ news:
located on Veterans Avenue West to the point of selling books , stationery opened PASSOLİG card Zülfü Aydıngöz Elazığspor Club Press Officer , joined the Club Manager Ali Topal . Elazığspor Spokesman Aydıngöz , fans Elazığspor'un to support willingly , descriptions found .
Elazığspor management as a target for that underlines Aydıngöz , \"taraftarımızla to integrate this road fans and our community from all desires , all the criticism , suggestions take into account . Indeed April 14, 2014 in Elazığ in starting PASSOLİG application intensively continues. Season with the onset of some of our supporters PASSOLİG and match tickets to get in were forced from the city and in remote locations to be sold due to the troubles that they see.'s board Selcuk Ozturk met under the chairmanship ticket prices before dumping've done . Manisaspor match the grandstand behind the goal 2.5 , marathon stands 5, grandstand 10 and VIP grandstand ticket price is 20 pounds have revealed . our goal here taraftarımızın the game keep coming back and be with them , the money will be on the backburner , \"he said .
Elazığspor'un stated that the spirit of the city is always nice Aydıngöz , \"Elazığspor a self does not make sense when it is successful . With spectators , with trades , management and integration with local governments want a Elazığspor . For this, the management of our fans in the stadium to come and try our best to do everything we'll continue to do . We want to make a call to our fans here again . Please let them come get PASSOLİG card . If we are integrating our fans on the field if the joy of sharing happiness , the support they gave us and feel the power of football players on the field , the more successful they will be Elazığspor . Elazığspor more successful will better places . Come to the right place even if the name of Elazig in Turkey and in the world will ensure better known . In fact, everything is indexed to success . Elazığspor process beginning with the start of the season from the shortage continues to emerge from honorably . Manisaspor match with a plan to maintain our edge on . Hopefully, this week over at least 5 thousand fans support we get a good result , \"he said .

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