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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:47

Call for Investors Erzincanli the Rural Development Support Institution

Call for Investors Erzincanli the Rural Development Support Institution
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Erzincan Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution Provincial Coordinator to be realized as text Bektas have served that organization's enterprise services and about the grant projects with advice on Erzincanli investors about the grant rate to be supplied with the end of the bear them December 13 urged the matters to come to application acceptance.

Erzincan news: Photo We Erzincan Agriculture and year kurulduk.2013 in 2012 as Rural Development Coordinator May obliged to organize the grant , especially in the livestock and agricultural areas of the Union aldık.avrup our authorization from the European revolution a birimiz.b grants to use in Erzincan in 2013 authorized in May olduk.yaklaşık as we have a dry 15 months and now already 22 units between the EU expert with our combined total of 39 staff , along with our Erzincan service etmekteyiz.özellikl Erzincan to mention the grant of Agriculture and Rural Development Coordinator meat and milk producing business to our grant our rate of 60% with 65 change gö and the businesses that market functioning dairy setup and our rate of grant to the automation process local products while 50% of farm activities and rural hotel to the hotel in 25 rooms all investments up to the capacity destekliyoruz.arıcılık Or, the grants in 11 areas, such as coppersmith Erzincan'a transfer to the efforts ediyoruz.yalnız only meat and the milk producing business in grant our rate of 60% to 65 others, all of a 50% in EU grant KDV and SCT also is reflected in a better advantage to the investor pruning are exempt . Photo in includes 2013 we have received 16 projects and total amount of the project 6 trillion 700 milyar.bura the amount to 4 trillion that we transfer to Erzincan 259 billion pounds and we did it say I'd period than novice projelerdendi.2014 year, so this year 34 one project total investment in aldık.b project 35 trillion 400 billion pounds and have a total of 54 units of our projects var.bun on our next account after receiving the grant rate of 24 trilyon.topla I devolution of powers from the European Union will transfer to Erzincan here , confirm that we have and some of the bitirdik.ger the rest of the finishing end of this year hedefliyoruz.topla investment amount we now up to 42 trillion 410 milyardır.b grant that we transfer to Erzincan amount of 28 trillion 336 for the scale Erzincan in milyar.bu city and can not help but tell you about an activity in a significant rakamdır.özellikl to Otlukbeli although we have established our new Otlukbeli like Speak 1600 inhabitants we are a small town, and there are particularly livestock operations that barn with peoples'habitats nested therein district governor-ship in an organized manner in livestock enterprises in the livestock business for so stables human habitats bit out of çıkardık.model as 13 units European Union criteria, there başlattık.yaklaşık as up to 1 month this project is finished have olacağız.13 one for total investment amount Otlukbeli district of beastlike businesses 11.5 I grant that we transfer to Otlukbeli district over this money 7 trillion 600 billion TL, which the European Union member states and candidate countries, especially between 1600 inhabitants in a county , the county population per capita grant rate prune Otlukbelı at the forefront of the countries members of the European Union both our Otlukbeli district Governor Huseyin one's brain as well as in Erzincan we made the joint dedication of our wherein staff , region, example of Turkey as a uygulama.aralıg the last 13. we're going to call period. also Erzincan ignore the need to a very important issue which is established poultry slaughterhouse of meat milk institution organized Erzincan and currently is not a glitch under construction due to geçecek.b to ending operations in 2015 with moderate broiler business of increasing lazım.inş to be the slaughterhouse to be fairly large sample to for , especially with our investors in that field waiting for the end when there slaughterhouse perhaps olabilirler.özellikl 13 and 14 calls our period Broiler except the bekliyoruz.o would be more of the business to exceed 25 room capacity in rural tourism 50% support veriyoruz.kırsal tourism record hotels, different as boutique hotels the concept of the eligible expenditure of the KDV exemption 50% destekliyoruz.özellikl Kemaliye our county in kanaatindeyim.2015 we meet in the ways the need to actually social hotel in our it quite appropriate county and district are especially welcome at the arrival of rural-scale hotel projects in our district . Photo Make a statement in Erzincanli investors I found the following advice ; Photo Erzincanli entrepreneurs meat of the lack of milk institution opens here on slaughterhouse products produced due to the lack of at least the marketing problems , especially in terms of the economy cities to orient themselves to the broiler business , the region's economy in terms of our country and in the rural hotel extremely positive görüyorum.kırsal tourism area in terms of economy widespread as you know, for example, an important Erkan Mountain project we var.erg Mountain Erzincan prestige and prestige as well that we did not expect more projects to Erzincan public 13 call time saying we need to support in a good way with this kind of support.

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