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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:01

Call from the storm to the Government

Call from the storm to the Government
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Association of Public Company Employees ( storm ) Adiyaman Branch Chairman Mustafa Turan, government officials regarding the disposal bag with the law stated that agency workers should take steps after that time .

Adıyaman news: Photo ravaged Adiyaman Branch Chairman Mustafa Turan, recalling could prevent many accidents if taken in advance of necessary measures by the authorities of the mines in Turkey , he noted should be investigated immediately.
Chairman Mustafa Turan said, \"Today in coal mines in Turkey we are pursuing with great pain experienced events. these mines check who they give licenses to these companies according to what , it is not possible to understand . Manisa pain of the events in the Soma district dinmezk , the Karaman'n the incident in the county occurred in Ermenek district we are deeply saddened by contract workers. due to enjoy the special business attitude are killed at a young age the children of this country and falling fire on the hearth. which man would want to work in these extreme conditions ? Today agency workers the enclosed huge expectation from the government , unfortunately , comes almost deaths per their contract workers. the working conditions of these people why does not improve ? Should focus on these issues. We, as the storm , we advocate that we need to go over these issues in unity and unity in such occasions. As a result, state officials are trapped for days in the mine workers are struggling to regain their power in a healthy way home. Certainly these people should be immediately initiated legal proceedings about the people who are condemned to this condition. These people to usurp the rights of the workers from the founding of the Republic since a place at the expense of workers do not accept after that time . Everyone should go on with a faulty state in this regard. Today nest collapsed , who lost his son or wifemay be able to find it again people's lungs ? The state no longer preserving the rights of mines or contract workers working in different sectors and the private sector should make an improvement. It will not close the door to all the people flee . We are demanding the improvement of the working conditions of agency workers and the flash furnace . On the other hand, our brothers and sisters who still Karaman'n the Ermenek district in the mine before the beer in a healthy way by getting rid of , we ask the Almighty Allah to return to their homes , \"he said .

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