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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 18:18

Call to Boycott Israeli Goods

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Bingol University faculty, engaged in the massacre of Muslims in support of the Jewish Israeli army decided to boycott the products of the company .

Bingol University faculty, the massacre of Muslims engaged in the Israeli army in support of the Jewish companies'products to boycott decided .
Israel's Palestinian massacres in Gaza following the social media , especially by many sectors of Israeli goods boycott call is growing rapidly. Bingol University Rector Gıyasettin Baydas , especially all the faculty members decided to boycott Israeli products .
In a statement from the University of Bingol , has drawn attention to the Palestinian desperation . Israel's brutal massacres in Palestine, while rare in history , some non-Jews from the observation area was expressed applaud these atrocities . The statement, \"This blessed month , in Gaza , innocent Palestinian children, the elderly, the sick and women, heartbreak, pain , and with tears in desperation fate are waiting. Cruel and persecution that support or condone anyone of this atrocity stakeholder status is reduced. We Muslims that brutal massacres unfortunately financial support are provided. Israeli army has taken all bombs and missiles ; often every lead us which we make with the money is provided. So shattered every Palestinian child bled to support \"the statement said .
Bingol University faculty, the massacre of Muslims engaged in the Israeli army who supported the Jews owned by products were boycotted and support of the call said , \"How come? Coca-Cola's owner each month from the abdomen Israeli navy a certain share transferring said . Abdominal transferred a portion of the sales of these products to the Israeli army after the income obtained as bombs and bullets are raining on our Muslim brothers . If you do not wish to contribute to the fragmentation of Muslim children , Let's boycott Israeli products . I göstermeyel countenance Israeli goods . Hz . Abraham scored a drop of water to extinguish the fire ant trying to carry Parable of the net by a certain cruel persecution of our support , but we show that we are near our brothers oppressed Muslims . Bingol University as a faculty member in the Israeli army massacre of Muslims who would boycott the products of companies that support the Jews and all are invited to participate in this boycott of Bingöl \"testimony was given.

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