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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:53

Call to the border provocateurs from the Minister of Steel

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Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, Turkey's Arab , Yazidi , Jews and Christians intertwined as to be embraced embracing the Kurds , said:\"Here there is no problem .

Bursa news: It converts an indigestion , inside open to challenge in particular I appeal to the employees to make . All geographical victims and the oppressed peoples of Turkey's hot under the umbrella , \"he said .
Bursa protocol , the governor organized by the ceremony bayramlaştı . Citizens , respectively, of Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik , Bursa deputies, Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu Metropolitan Municipality President Recep Altepe, shaking hands with the mayor of the district was holy .
a threat Turkey faces today is reminiscent of the Minister of Steel, \"against Turkey , evolving face of these events is not correct to say that there is a threat . We are facing a threat . Therefore, Turkey is taking precautions and measures . Kobani'nin close to 170 thousand from the one for the embrace of Kurdish citizens should not be disturbed . What interests us here is the size . We , the Arabs, Yazidis , Jews and Christians , as we embrace our brothers the Kurds already intertwined that we embrace . Not a problem here . It converts an indigestion , particularly on the inside trying to make clear provocation want to call . Rights of victims and the oppressed in all regions of Turkey is under the umbrella hot . Therefore, Turkey's what you want to do ? We need to see it well . Outside the territory of Turkey is an action outside of their geography , waiting for a behavior I call from here . Turkey , of course together with the international coalition and power , and a step to be taken within the framework of the motion if there is nothing to be done under this plan . But we embrace everyone there in the face of growing terrorist activities . Kobanili we embrace this day . This needs to be better understood . Turkey's embrace of his discomfort , especially one inside you . We are everyone , especially people because it is unjust , mazlumiyet against the embrace will continue, \"he said.
in the region, the events since 1.5 million Syrians , Iraqis in Turkey noted that the words of the Minister of Steel , said:
\"I'm going to be in Şanlıurfa deputy to the border tomorrow . I'll watch developments there closely . Syrians need there , we will celebrate the feast of our own citizens as well . Turkey in the Middle East be the result of the negative opens her arms to the table , then try to resolve grievances that the victim , shabby, homeless , stateless , the only country that embraces people who assize . Sadly these great unrest in the Middle East and terrorist incidents giving rise to the dish in a way that keeps today stance are insensitive to this disaster . But the history of Turkey from the nature of its mission comes with its neighbors . By spending over $ 4 billion this continues to embrace . I believe in the future of Turkey's what he wants to do , what to do and die until the big events that uprooted people , 100 of which have contributed to the death of thousands of millions of people in the future will be referred to in a very different way . Turkey is truly an epic writing . Hopefully other countries also in Turkey , this approach takes into account the region the Middle East in peace in the substitution of everyone in falls on the wishes'm here . \"
Minister of Steel, \"All of these events, especially in our region, an incident that occurred actually look at the source when for many years the Middle East Region'the terror of those who will be brought into line with bombs , a regional terror from being turned into a global wisely what they're watching . Still again, bombs, bombing , as a solution to slaughter people who fail to take the lessons of the past in terms of the future poses an alarming situation . Hopes and wish it happened all the negativity of the world a lesson çıkarır.böyl a top-down , imposed management approach , killing people , destroying a result of trying to get insights remain and new celebrations human-centered , human dignity befitting approach new festivals cognition would , \"he said .

Call to the border provocateurs from the Minister of Steel" comments for.


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