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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:00

Called the patient died, was unable to identify relatives who visit for 17 days

Called the patient died, was unable to identify relatives who visit for 17 days
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On the way from Istanbul to Izmir for the Holidays August 14, 2013 thought to have been killed in a traffic accident that occurred near Balikesir Balcan'ın Buse (21) is still alive in the direction of the news published in some of the internet sites, came to explain the management of Balıkesir State Hospital.

Hospital Manager Exp. Dr. Fixed tough for 17 days, visiting family and relatives of the patient, said:"So there is no facial expression, facial expression recognition as a patient,. Intensive care unit where the patient Aysel Balcan, was reported to us by the police."she said.

Balikesir-Izmir highway 25 mevkisinde Çanakçı kilometers, occurring in six people in a car accident that killed three people after being struck by TIR'a, four people, two of them seriously injured. Aleyna the injured King (13) and Aysel Balcan (38), Balıkesir two hospitalized. 17 days after the accident, the fact is that surprised everyone. Balıkesir State Hospital's Intensive Care Unit, believed to have been treated and Aysel Balcan, in fact, turned out to be Balcan Buse. Balcan'ın awakened after 17 days, the truth emerged issuing The paper itself is Buse.

Exp. Dr. Standing on the subject Cihan News Agency (Cihan) made a statement that the injured patient's face is recognized and his family said he had seen many times. The two wounded brought to hospital after the accident, said:"Official records show takes place in Balcan Aysel. Aleyna other patient in the King's daughter. Aleyna Karakaya, not only had broken his shoulder. Lay two days in pediatric intensive care unit, and then you've discharged. Now official Aysel Balcan patient records of the last of us, brought to you by 112 around 9:30 in the morning. brought the car in a traffic accident. brought you in bad condition, were unconscious and respiratory distress. We evaluated the patient to the emergency operating room and intensive care unit received. surgery patient, spleen were also extinguished lung. Moreover the right chest tube was inserted. patient was then taken into intensive care. patient in the intensive care unit were followed up for an ongoing process."said.

'EVENT prosecutor's office'

ranks woken at 12.00 last Friday stated that the patient Çetin Duran,"as that term we can say Awareness opened. Aysel Balcan ' Yasar referred to as the wife of King, the patient comes to see. 'wife arrived, open your eyes.' said. Our patient is a reaction. has expressed a desire to write with the stylus. then given paper, are assisted in him. 'I Balcan'ım Buse says'. Yasar Karakaya, Aysel Balcan'ın that his wife said. Aysel Balcan'ın the paper writes that his uncle's daughter. Buse Balcan As such, it is we, to the point of separation distress it would end for Aysel Balcan said, I'm personally on Friday, three hours Involved in the incident. Relatives met. Aysel Balcan'ın Yasar King's ex-wife, expressed as I met with. Buse Balcan'ın referred to as his uncle talked to people. Yasar King, Aysel Balcan'ı unable to diagnose. Buse Balcan'ın expressed as a brother-in-person, just said:'B opener Yasar, Balcan this Buse. 'As such, we incident at 16:40 hours Central Gendarmerie Command in criminal cases and transferred it began, savcılığımıza."she said. The hospital is now the manager of the event came about them Çetin Duran, continued as follows:"H asta come to us from the moment you have made all the necessary medical intervention. Deceased person specifying in Balcan Buse, we did not do as a hospital. Inpatient party Aysel Balcan was reported to us by the police. daughter Aleyna reported to the police by the King."

'FACE unrecognizable our patients'
14 in the period from August 30 until August Aysel Yasar Balcan'ın referred to as King's ex-wife, his family, his father, and all the relatives who want to visit the patient in intensive care unit has been a remarkable Exp. Dr. Duran,"So there is no facial expression, facial expression recognition as a patient,. Getting some patients, severe facial trauma may be unrecognizable, but we have going on and who is lying in the official records, the patient's facial expression recognition as a state Aysel not Balcan. Us, by this time the family made no warning. Aysel us Balcan was named by the police, and we passed it to our records. Buse Balcan and buried by the identification of the records as we did. Subsequently the patient received intensive care Balcan Aysel is reported to us by the police. going through our records this way. We I think we have all that you need as a hospital for medical intervention. ICU patient, currently continues to be life threatening."assessment.

Called the patient died, was unable to identify relatives who visit for 17 days" comments for.


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