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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 20:58

Can celalettin:\"Wise Board should be consulted directly with Öcalan \"

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Wise People of the Board of the Central Anatolia Region Celalettin Can the group members , meeting in a statement to the press found out .

İstanbul news: Can be directly on Öcalan's message , wise delegation welcomed in the well , he said.
Can be directly on the mind of Öcalan's message was welcomed in the delegation said. Campbell, \"Ocalan's messages through intermediaries rather than directly with her partner by being directly society in Turkey , the public itself , no filtering is passed to express the subject wise generally agreed that the point was . I can see as far as government officials , particularly the Prime Minister , including listening rebuffed not met . government how far fulfills do not know , but this opinion for the delegation received well . directly Ocalan to deal and Ocalan, Turkey with the public to deal with will be right , \"he said .
with Ocalan delegation outside their negotiations that you need to Campbell , \"Ocalan who wants to see if the opinion should . Akil general common trend is . Exceptions may be but the common trend these handles. government about it and listened. there is no reaction . today, tomorrow, a statement can be made. talks create an environment if the wise delegation with Ocalan direct negotiations is preferred . Ocalan's secretariat to continue talks on strengthening the environment also needs to be brought to the location . Only in mind , not their friends, be able to meet with NGOs and even Kandil conditions should be created , \"he said .

Can celalettin:\"Wise Board should be consulted directly with Öcalan \"" comments for.


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