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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:05

Can the Governor's Executive Room Wooden Ceiling Hub

Can the Governor's Executive Room Wooden Ceiling Hub
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Governor Cevdet Can, office room in order to sustain the historical value of the ceiling to the wooden ceiling slap taktırırk hub , the area was decorated with portraits of Ataturk belt slap in the former home .

Tokat news: Photo panels on the ground floor of the building with the governor of Tokat emphasis on the promotion of historical and touristic value Can Governor's instructions were decorated with works of crafts. Exhibited many of the governor of Printing from coppersmith crafts Governor Can also was adorned with the official room of handcraft work . Authority covering the perimeter of the room with a wooden ceiling decorations Ataturk portrait covering a portion of the ceiling wooden arches draws attention . Governor Can they stated as the city with the future of the history of Tokat, \"Tokat comes to the fore with crafts besides its numerous features . Tokat, copper, wood , writing a city that has made its name with the workmanship. Using this cherish their crafts on behalf of the province as decor we're trying to build the past to the future city concept , \"he said . Photo slap in the history of mosques in existing suspended ceiling belly of a similar phrase is placed in the ceiling of his office room made ​​by wood craftsman who Governor Campbell, Selcuk of these crafts and made ​​with a technique used during the Ottoman period he said .
6 mONTHS hAS cEILING BELLY Photo Mehmet Age makes wood carving in Tashan , located 6 months from the Grand Mosque of pine trees makes a similar wooden ceiling , he said . It also makes the carved wooden arch with a similar slap in the former home Çakar, said he tries to live by photographs of carved ceilings of old houses .
On the other hand Danişmentliler first period XII. made in the century , covering the 1679 at the Orion Mehmed completely renovated the ceiling of the Grand Mosque in time if the features wooden decorations as follows:\"Ceiling red and between funds is dominated by green liar kundekari over the built square ceiling center with technical gold and veined vegetable motifs was decorated . the bearing foot wooden ceilings and period features ornament above the arches are decorated with motifs appropriate pen works as Rumi . \"


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