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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:01

Çanakkale Soma Protest

Çanakkale Soma Protest
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Discontinuation of 6 thousand olive trees to make thermal power plant in the district of Manisa Soma were protesting in Canakkale.

Çanakkale news: Photo Dardanelles and Solidarity protest organized by Environment Platform was attended by many citizens. Kepez group gathered in the town , walked up to the hotel Kolin Group of rain. Hand in the group gathered at the entrance gate of the hotel, with an olive branch in Soma's Yire by neighborhood by Kolin Group protested the withdrawal of six thousand olive trees. Neslihan made ​​a statement on behalf of respondents Photo Actions Ülkü Head, \"in Soma , what Ermenek happened? Today, November 13th, Soma massacre of 6 months . we do not forget Soma , do not forget . very young people at most 25-30 years of age of the deceased . and yet most of yesterday until livelihoods were peasants and agricultural workers providing soil. Olive on thermal power plants being built and the farmers miners happening. Since May 13, as nothing changed in Soma experiencing even worse developments , \"he said.
\"Thermal making vain , per'll destroy \"assign slogans group was dispersed without incident .

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