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  • 22 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 10:23

Cancer cells in our body Occurs Every Day

Cancer cells in our body Occurs Every Day
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Mersin news: Professor Dr. Hussein Abal , melanoma skin cancer named species in the treatment of a single road , the patients both physically and psychologically quite heavy damage that chemotherapy whether the expression, \"in our bodies every day, cancer cells occurs. These cancer cells in our body constantly scans our immune system apprehend and destroy them. Sometimes cancer cells can escape from the control system , \"he said . Professor in statements about
Melanoma Dr. Hussein Abal , medicine , thanks to developments in the type of skin cancer called melanoma is now the only way to treat the patient rather heavy damage to both physical and psychological noted that giving chemotherapy . Our bodies every day, cancer cells occur noted Abal these cancer cells , our bodies constantly scans our immune system apprehend and had destroyed , but our immune system weakens the cancer cells from the control system few can be noted. Melanoma skin cancer named on the type , flat and basal cell skin cancer than their rare that , however, skin cancer, are linked to the death of many of these types of cancer caused attention Abalı this disease, the most important treatment yet to development to avoid , he said . Abali , \"Sun a conscious way benefit should . 10.00-16.00 between the sun with the sun while sunscreens sliding, the sun's rays passing thick enough to wear clothes we need ,\"he said .
Other cancer types as in melanoma advanced-stage tumors therapy and that makes it difficult to chemotherapy is the only treatment used , emphasizing that Abalı , said today it has changed . Abal , the longer the patient rather wear instead of the patient's immune system to strengthen the process of chemotherapy in this disease has emphasized that seen to work . Melanoma disease of the immune system that it is important that underlines Abalı , \"Melanoma cells, a number of agents by secreting or immune system cells with cytotoxic T cells on them as if sleeping pills veriyormuşça the uyutarak system escaped from the can . Recent years emerged in drugs , the sleep to eliminating the immune system cells almost a cup of coffee , giving them them to come providing cancer cells to destroy the support we are . ipilimumab and nivolumab these drugs can be given to two examples . these drugs due to disease longer keep them under control and to repel it is possible , \"he said .

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