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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 07:23

Cancer eggplant , leek Safeguards from stroke

Cancer eggplant , leek Safeguards from stroke
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Dietician Serkan Amount leeks, stating that the amazing benefits of the potato and eggplant, eggplant cancer , said that while the leek protected from paralysis.

Erzurum news: Photo amounts , leeks, said about the benefits of eggplant and potatoes;
\"Leeks , most low-calorie leek is the onion family, is one of the vegetables. Inside the sulfur compounds cause most people by the very sevilmes to the front compared to many other vegetables with benefits comes to the plan. the antioxidant content of leek indispensable vegetables for the winter months is very high. that reduces the risk of disease in the winter. in a rich vitamin and mineral content of the leek while meeting the average of 6-10% of your daily need of fiber, 45 % of the daily vitamin K content , allowing release of the oxide karşılamaktadır.nitrik 5% of the vitamin C content prevents hardening of the arteries reduces coronary heart disease and stroke risk with this feature. Lung and in the leek , which has a protective effect against many types of cancer , especially colon cancer in retarding aging with specific fatty acids has an impact . as also in all of leek green leafy vegetables has high amounts of folic acid. Therefore, especially for women considering pregnancy nutrition is extra important . Photo Eggplant ; Be a general feature of vegetables with high fiber content is available in eggplant. This feature enables stable operation of the gastrointestinal tract . Thanks to the content of magnesium prevents involuntary muscle contractions . Sugar with low sugar and calorie content of the food is indispensable for patients. Because in the B group vitamins provide the nerve to quiet down . Indispensable nutrient dense and can end a stressful day. If you have high cholesterol problems reduce the negative effects that will give your body. It is generally consumed fried eggplant . This cooking method is losing many positive effects. In addition, rid the body of toxins called flavonoids found in the NA shell material , preventing cell damage and is an effective agent in protecting the body against cancer. Therefore, all of the shell peeled should be avoided. Photo Potato ; Potatoes, vegetables, bread is not located in a food group. Therefore caloric content is higher than that of other vegetable food group. In addition to generally consumed fried preferences habit is put into a food group that should not be consumed potatoes. In fact, the correct cooking method and the results of the right amount of consumed potatoes, leeks , and there are many positive effects for the body , such as eggplant. First, high potassium , low sodium content is an important food source in terms of cause and cardiovascular health . To facilitate digestion as well as in skin health is an essential nutrient . If you are experiencing frequent constipation problems the potato is good to keep in your diet. Because of the high fiber content reduces your chances of living with this problem. Or weight of diabetics should consume more careful of individuals with high . Because potatoes in these individuals with the rapid increase blood sugar levels can cause different health problems feature . Also hot potatoes ( mashed , meal) rather than be consumed cold ( potato salad ) will allow the slower rise in blood sugar. \"


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