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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:00

Cancer Patients Want Physicians to the Oncology Department in Yozgat

Cancer Patients Want Physicians to the Oncology Department in Yozgat
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Cancer patients and their relatives in the hospitals in Yozgat is waiting to be assigned to the oncology clinic doctor .

Yozgat news: Photo Yozgat State Hospital Oncology Department at as you exit the appointment of the doctor in charge was a victim of cancer patients in the province . Huseyin Bozkurt is close to the patient , to Ankara to print or medication to the patient or said they went to Kayseri. My wife had breast cancer , indicating that treated for Booth, \"My wife is using the first stage and medication of the disease. However, drugs do not print in Yozgat . Clinical stage writes specialist internal medicine at the drug in patients with high and pharmacies are paying . If necessary drugs in disease first stage does not pay pharmacies for writing expert. for this reason, we are forced to go to Kayseri or Ankara or to print a drug . \"Stating that they want to appoint a Photo Yozgat as soon as the State Hospital Oncology stretching Booth,\"we are treated on-site if the oncology specialist Yozgat, our medicines safely we can print it. we want to therefore oncologist's appointment as soon as Yozgat . Otherwise you will have great difficulties for all cancer patients. we expect help from politicians and our other about this issue, \"he said. that the Photo Yozgat Public Hospitals Union General Secretariat of the oncologist demand and 4 the draw will be held on December learned that they expect to be assigned to Yozgat .

Cancer Patients Want Physicians to the Oncology Department in Yozgat" comments for.


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