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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:35

Cancer Seminar in the village square

Cancer Seminar in the village square
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Adiyaman No. 2 on county Family Health Center Dr. Abdullah Alas and midwives working in my Nuran Adiyaman organized by Dr. Balci KETEM

Adıyaman news: Melodies with Ilhan presentation \"Cancer Screening for Early Diagnosis of the village \"was given on education. Photo No. 2 Family Health Center who worked in Dr. The statement made by Abdullah Alas , \"Breast cancer is the most common in women in the world and Turkey and is also one of the most common species causing death of cancer. In our country, is increasing the incidence Although the most common type of cancer among women. Therefore, women's breast proposed control programs, applications for early diagnosis of cancer is very important. breast cancer is the number of early stage in the diagnosis treatment options , success of treatment and increases the chances of survival significantly. this disease , for 10 minutes each month will reserve him a woman with breast examination to be made to himself, clinical examination and two years thanks to a mammography will be built at intervals of early detection edilebilir.40-69 ages of women to the outside of cervical cancer in our women between 30-65 years of age for breast cancer will be built each year , women and colon cancer in men between 50-70 years of age scans our country free are made . cervical cancer in the 37 women in this context, our unit square of the village , 33 women's breast cancer, colon cancer, cancer screening 25 people were made. Village Square in KETEM doctor Ilhan 65 people by Ezgi'Cancer Screening for Early Diagnosis'training was arranged . Cancer awareness has been created . We can say that after training , the Village Square cancer awareness . Thank you for your participation and support of the quiet village square , \"he said .


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