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  • 29 Ağustos 2014, Cuma 16:56

Cancer Table of Eskişehir

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Eskisehir is located within the Directorate of Public Health Cancer Registry records , according to 25 percent of women with breast cancer , lung cancer by 20 percent among men is seen.

Eskişehir Public Health Directorate located within the Cancer Registry records , according to the breast cancer in women by 25 percent in men, the lung cancer by 20 percent seen.
Eskisehir Osmangazi University at ( ESOGÜ) actively working six staff his cancer Registry of individuals in the radiation oncology department and retrieving data from undiagnosed cancer is entered into the system said. Cancer mortality information regarding the hospitals investigated formal system is introduced .
Eskisehir Cancer Registry in Turkey, the first active one of the cities stated that the central authorities , from 1996 until today they serve , on cancer statistics between Eskişehir well as 15 provincial data prepared from noted.
in males , breast cancer in women
the other hand, according to the data in the city , in men in the first lung, the second row prostate third of bladder cancer in women in the first breast, second row genital and third row of thyroid cancer was encountered in women, breast cancer incidence by 25 percent , lung cancer in men by 20 percent was reported .
officials also cancer Early Diagnosis, screening and Training Center ( KETEM) , people in certain criteria intended to early diagnosis and treatment of cancer that was passed on . Persons younger than 30 in women with cervical cancer, after age 40 in women with breast cancer , between ages 50-70 in men and women with colon cancer , 50 years old in men with prostate cancer screening done free of that , they said.

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