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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:08

Candidate Sworn Officers

Candidate Sworn Officers
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Family and officers made ​​the assignment in the Provincial Directorate of Social Policy within swore by completing basic training and internship period.

Kayseri news: Photo of Family and Social Policy completed a one-year prospective tenancy period in the Provincial Directorate Gokhan Boduroğlu , Zia thesis, he stepped into Aykut gid civil . Photo Directorate meeting ceremony in the hall City Manager Şerafettin Akyuz , Deputy Provincial Director Ahmet Kaldırımcı joined the administrative staff and Text Çelikel and H. the Meltemi . Speaking at the ceremony , Director Province Şerafettin Akyuz and wished them success in their mission congratulated the officers who took the oath .

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  • Candidate Sworn Officers in Adana BTU Candidate Sworn Officers in Adana BTU Adana University of Science and Technology (Adana BTU ) in 2012 as the first officers appointed 19 candidates openly officers took their oath of nobility .
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