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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:26

Çankırı Traffic Problem solved

Çankırı Traffic Problem solved
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City Center by çankırı Municipal and Neighborhood Traffic Planning Study was conducted presentations about the project .

Çankırı news: Photo Çankırı Municipality Women's Educational and Cultural Center of the presentations made to civil society organizations , was held for members of the press and City Traffic Commissioner. City planners Mehmet Arslantürk and Deputy Mayor Selahattin presentation in traffic flow carried by Aykurt , traffic density and traffic problems appeared to issue preliminary plan for the solution. Photo relaxing studies of traffic in the presentation carried out regarding the elimination of the traffic problems in Çankırı and solutions in consultation in order to solve common problems and was planned to be a valid decision. Prolonged study traffic flow in the presentation of the presentation of the work and intensity, bus stops, taxi, parking , signage , bike lanes , lane continuity , road condition and operating conditions of the roads , traffic circulation, road network and intersections of many different subjects places like the current situation the bottom . Photo Çankırı Mayor Irfan Dinc, has long worked on the traffic problems in the city , he said . What are the problems of the city well known that expresses Dinc, \"what happened to us by the traffic problem team and issues related to the solution were studied for months. Our goal is to solve in consultation this important issue related to the city's problem. Everybody said the idea is best for our city anyway , let's give her decision . Traffic let's work together to solve the problem , \"he said . following the presentation the participants were answering questions and listened Photo made ​​suggestions regarding the traffic problem.


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