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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:02

''Capital of Olive''Akhisar Harvest Festival with Costi

''Capital of Olive''Akhisar Harvest Festival with Costi
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Owned by a maximum of 13 million olive trees olive trees in the position Akhisar districts with a presence in Turkey, started enthusiastically in the 2014/15 harvest season .

Manisa news: Owned by a maximum of 13 million olive trees olive trees in the position Akhisar districts with a presence in Turkey, started enthusiastically in the 2014/15 harvest season . 70 percent of Turkey's olive green table needs , at Kirkagach meet the needs of 30 percent of the edible olives , between 24-26 October 2014 \"Akhisar 6. Olive Harvest Festival\"will take place . Photo olive industry, olive oil, 190 thousand tons , 438 thousand tons in 2014/15 season began with the harvest festival is waiting for table olive harvest . From 17 to 19 October 2014 Aydin Olive meeting at Harvest Festival Turkish olive sector of this season second meeting of Turkey's table olive production capital Akhisar . Photo Akhisar District, Akhisar Municipality , Akhisar Chamber of Commerce , Akhisar Mercantile Exchange , akhisar Chamber of Agriculture, Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Association , Olives and Olive Oil Promotion Committee and Zeytindostu Association organized in cooperation with \"Akhisar 6. Olive Harvest Festival\"on Friday Akhisar Tahir Street procession began with the walk . Cortege walk to Manisa deputy Sakineh Self, Akhisar Mayor Salih Fast, Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Association Chairman Gurkan Renklidağ , Akhisar Mercantile Exchange Chairman Alper Alhat , Parliament Speaker Bahattin Alkin, Akhisar President of the Chamber of Commerce Abdurrahman Yilmaz and thousands Akhisarli attended. Offered Akhisar Municipal Band music recital in the cortege .
Speaking at the dinner held on Friday evening Gülbeyaz restaurant Akhisar Mercantile Exchange Chairman Alper Alhat , Olive said they intended to increase the olive and olive oil consumption with the Harvest Festival . Kirkagach first harvest festival held in Turkey in 2009, the per capita consumption of 0.8 kg of olive oil . level is striking Alhat , \"Olive Harvest Festival and other promotional today, our oil consumption after the work has reached the 2 kg . level. Our goal is to remove the per capita oil consumption of 10 kg ,\"he said . Photo Kirkagach in the fruit 13 million olive expressing that Alhat tree , the target is to reach the number of 25 million olive trees , olive producers to increase production and improve quality for table olives kg . per added 25 cents to the words they claim the bonus .
agricultural products , manufacturer , industrialist, indicating that the exporter was in the same boat Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Association Chairman Gurkan Renklidağ Turkey's 2013/14 season, 80 thousand tons of table olive exports is getting a $ 140 million foreign currency earnings in return , while the olive oil export 25 thousand tons of export money saved will win 110 million dollars. explaining that
European Union gave 1:35 Euro premium per kilogram of olive oil producers Renklidağ , \"olive oil through this premium given by the European Union increased its consumption. oil consumption serious setbacks experienced in increased, heart and blood vessel disease. Cardiovascular diseases have been experienced serious decline in the resources they devote to health investment. the premium given to olive oil producers have gained a lot more in the health sector , \"he said .
interior of olives and olive oil in Turkey to increase the consumption of \"olive Harvest Festival\"at voicing played a major mission of olive and Olive Oil promotion Committee President M. Kadri Gündeş , they give great importance to the promotion of domestic in accordance with the international promotion of Akhisar olive Harvest Festival in the small tin packaging prepare their table olives boxes noted that performs the distribution .
that Turkey last 15 years, planted by 80 million olive tree begins to bear fruit , and in the near future , 650 thousand tons of olive oil production reminded that aims to be second in the world Gündeş , \"Turkey's able to convert this yields the value added domestic market and branded , packaged export needs . As ZZTK , we continue our work uninterrupted publicity towards achieving these goals. In 2023 to reach $ 3.8 billion export target for internal and external promotion of coordination will continue in a way that execution , \"he said . Photo 250 olive processing plant, 36 olive oil tight facility, the Kirkagach found 9 olive oil filling plants in 36 countries olives and olive oil is exported . Akhisar , 2014/15 113 thousand tons is waiting for table olive harvest season . Kirkagach and table olive production figures , Turkey accounted for 26 percent of the harvest . Akhisar , and olive oil production figure is estimated at 6 thousand 782 tons. Photo in Kirkagach , Edremit, Trilye and only Manisa region-specific Uslu and Domat cultivated by name olives at 450 thousand acres . about 56 per cent of agricultural land in Kirkagach consists of olive groves . Photo Akhisar 6. olive Harvest Festival's on the second day , Akhisar-located at 1650 Copper Kırkağaç annual memorial site between the olive trees in the olive harvest was made. harvested olives, olive oil factory was converted to oil in the Altay Sedat . \"Akhisar 6. Olive Harvest Festival\"what Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas , Manisa Deputies Recai Berber , Uğur Aydemir, Muzaffer Citizens , Residents Oz and KOSGEB Chairman Mustafa Kaplan attended.
Akhisar Olive Harvest Festival , thousands of people who cooked with olive oil Braised lamb and veal , rice, chickpea , met for lunch with a menu consisting of soup migration . First day of the harvest Hijri was served thousand people asure coincided for the New Year . Photo Akhisar-indicating the Kırkağaç border in copper site in 1652 year old olive tree is the oldest olive trees in Turkey has been registered Akhisar Mercantile Exchange Chairman Alper Alhat , Akhisar and 65 many trees around the village headman of them on the idea that the application of the thousand years that come , said they started working for the registration of the said tree age . Alhat , \"Once you have registered trees on the thousands of years to prepare a special table olives and olive collection of the products of this tree , we develop projects for use in promotional activities ,\"he ended his words. Guests arriving at Photo Akhisar Olive Harvest Festival , Keskinoğlu Tools dinner was hosted at the museum . Keskinoğlu Car Museum, the number of vehicles in the car museum in Turkey , Turkey's largest variety of car and location in the country in terms of number of vehicles they produce . In Keskinoğlu Car Museum , cars, buses , vans, trucks , tractors, construction machinery , has 200 vehicles in the motorcycle type. Speaking at the Food Keskinoğlu Group of Companies Member of the Board sharp Keskinoğlu , Kirkagach and 70 percent of the edible green olives needs , while black olives export stated that meet the 30 percent. Photo in olive producing countries in the European oil consumption of 25 kg . that reached the level of 1.5 kg of this figure in Turkey. Keskinoğlu telling toured levels, \"we aim to increase the consumption of olive oil is the healthiest oil on carried out promotional activities in Turkey. To increase the parallel export of olive oil to the efforts to increase the consumption figures in the domestic market, we endeavor ,\"he said .

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