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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:12

Capped Quota Mufti:\"The Prophet was the Quran Live Agent \"

Capped Quota Mufti:\
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Lid attached to Tekirdag Grand Mufti Ali Banda , \"The Prophet was a live representative of the Qur'an .

Tekirdağ news: Lid attached to Tekirdag Grand Mufti Ali Banda , \"The Prophet was a live representative of the Qur'an . Revealed with her ​​life ,\"he said .
Koran literally to meet, Platform, led by Istanbul Fit Youth Sports and Scouting Club and Ankara Youth Sports and Scouting Club was organized by the horizon Cruises Culture Contest-2 Quran Meal Quiz scope of Tekirdag Lid district Haji Talib Sivrioğlu Mosque awards ceremony was held.
award ceremony Cover Governor Asli Aynaoğl the Kuzulu , Clamshell Mayor Irfan latch, Lid Grand Mufti Ali quota , Haji Honorary Zumbul Anatolian High School Vice Principal's Jesus Cetin, Horizon Journey Tekirdag Representatives Saban Silver and many guests joined .
of silence and the National Anthem by reading the program started , Quran Recitation and meal Following the reading of the program's opening speech to the horizon journey Tekirdağ Representatives Saban Silver made ​​.
competition from 61 countries, a total of 174 thousand 399 people join stated that the horizon Journey Provincial Representative Saban Silver, competitions total of 10 thousand 737 supervisor involved , that the contest participants , 60 percent of the women said, \"on March 9 at the same time in the competition Kapakli than 276 people attended. this scope should contest Honorary hosts pilgrims Zumbul both Anatolian High School , which sponsors the award ceremony to be held Lid thank the Municipality , \"he said .
Program Cover quota County Grand Mufti Ali continued with a welcome speech . Word of God which is a Quran reading and comprehension program for the organizers and participants thanking quota , \"the Holy Quran to understand their efforts in our brethren who congratulated. The public such requests help achieve that Governor Our Asli Aynaoğl the Kuzulu and Mayor Irfan latch also heartily thank you. in this space of our Lord most very pleased that you're doing something . Recent faiths which we make our lives according to the Quran design're trying to . alive two things are very important. 1 percent Quran , 2 percent Hz. to Muhammad's . them to break and to get away , there will be , that our Lord would not approve it we need to know . Prophet Muhammad in the Qur'an live ambassador. her life with the revealed \"he said .
participants awards ceremony the Mayor said that they reject the request with lid latch while Irfan \"We have endeavored to support them as best we can . contest this year we made last year for the first 2 CPC are doing. Allah granted if the 4th and 5th you will do well , \"he said .
Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Holy Quran in Turkish meal for the preparation of give a proxy reminiscent of the latch ,\"We Quran read Arabic when we do not understand . But Turkish if we read Quran figure have the opportunity to \"he said.
\" Shape society WOMEN \"
Speaking at the program Lid Governor Asli Aynaoğl the Kuzulu the \"Quran Holy meal Quiz competition so that the Quran that reads the meal as one can say that it is very important and I would recommend . From 61 countries participated in the competition to be a very important event . But the main thing for me is that women of 60 per cent of respondents . I know that shape society are women. Because women to raise children grow they will have the most important social dynamics . I wish these organizations to increase . The Meaning of the Holy Quran , I thank those who organized the competition \"found in the descriptions .
\"TURKEY 3' PALACE Third ' left
Cine-representation in the program then continued with poetry readings were made ​​and then the awards ceremony began . From the palace participating in the competition , under the age of 14 in the category of race and 3rd place with Turkey Batuhan Governor Turhan Original Cover award from the hands of Kuzuluk took Aynaoğl . Çorlu participating in the contest , il 2 and Jacob Yalcin Turkey 271'inci with the award from the hands of Saban took silver . Competition Cover and Saray participating from A, B and C categories county 1st Esra Adanır, Merv Sapa and Safi Sen also awards Governor KUZULUK from the hand picked .
Three categories 2nd Esri Uka , Selim Dastan and Hanifa Latch Özgerçek awards from the hands of Irfan , while the 3rd place Elif Pıtırl , Serpil Mallard and if Nazmiye big prize County Grand Mufti Ali Banda gave . Chaplains in the category Elm Veysel Karani which province 1st Muhammad Mosque Imam and Preacher Training-a-Tuna award Saray Representative Ahmet sorry you took from the hand . Cover with the province in the same category 5'incisi Şeyda of Mevlana Quran course tutorial Apaydın Zumbul the award Honorary High School Director Haji Deputy Çetin Jesus took from the hands . At the end of the program for their contribution
lid latch and Haji Irfan Honorary Mayor Zumbul High School Director Deputy Çetin Jesus was presented with a plaque .

Capped Quota Mufti:\"The Prophet was the Quran Live Agent \"" comments for.


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