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  • 09 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 12:00

Captured in Eskisehir Internet Series Begins

Captured in Eskisehir Internet Series Begins
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Subject areas in Eskişehir among students and the events which will be published in the social networking site'26B's \"web series, will be released on October 11 in front of the audience .

Eskişehir news:
name in the field of Eskişehir zip code \"26B's \"web series, is about the lives of college students . At the meeting held with the introduction of the directory providing information relevant director Jennifer Altuntaş , as the first of the sections in the fountain they started shooting and 8-month study completed in the third part said that . Shots in Eskişehir said Altuntaş summer, right in the fountain , some sections can be taken , he said.
On October 11 broadcast , which will begin and Saturdays weekly audience will confront the directory that tells the story Altuntaş , he continued:< br/> \"array , since high school, his childhood friend, six young people also go to college with the dream begins . But teammates from one day going home and their lives completely change. because homebound friend's father, the whole family slaughtered in a way that you think . Children traumatized and his father killing . then friends before the eyes of going to jail. intervening four years , going through this traumatic results of all his friends live. all Eskişehir, the college is coming. but nothing stays the same does not . former as friends not become but a very interesting way of imprisoned friends going out and 4 after years of coming to the sides . Mysterious events begins thereafter . friend posts a lot of communities are taking B as a secret identity comes from the message and the message they receive is relevant to the secrets are . B, who is trying to solve . \"
Altuntaş speaking about the withdrawal of the array in Eskişehir ,\"we read in Eskişehir . Students Eskisehir Eskisehir city and we need to promote . Last year Turkey was the Cultural Capital of the World , but this year the 4th International Internet Awards, both in the United States and Turkey Eskisehir think about it represents , \"he said .
24 players in the 26bin Altuntaş voicing guest players join each chapter , the main caste consists of 11 people , he added.


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