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  • 20 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 18:44

Captured in Mardin Series Hard Response

Captured in Mardin Series Hard Response
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Mardin Artuklu Dean of the Faculty of Theology at the University

Mardin news: Dr. Ahmet Agirakca , a private TV channel released \"Ancient Man \"from the array showed a strong response .
East and Southeast recently shot sequences, family structure , consider the handle for the reactions caused. Dr. Ahmet Agirakca , published in a special TV channel \"Ancient Man \"TV series showed a strong response . In the sequence of scenes , none of Mardin family, nothing remotely close to the lack of pointing Agirakca no one with the locals to make fun of the right olamadığını and RTÜK soon as the aforementioned series must stop stressed. Mardin's historic city due to the recent series the subject is reminiscent Agirakca , but these sequences while Mardin's customs and traditions , customs and traditions , human behavior or family introduces no scene is present , he said. These directories with no direction from Mardin family that there is nothing remotely close voicing Agirakca , staged scenes are pure fiction , he said. Agirakca he said:
\"Scenes from Mardin family in life are completely free . Bit Mardin accent made ​​using these sequences by RTÜK control should be . Each from the front of a city with people teasing is not entitled . Especially ancient Dude published under the name of the directory demanded the immediate cessation believe that we need . , I as a theologian , historian identity with the same Mardin's oldest family as a member in this series scenario , those described fundamentally reject and condemn . \"
All Mardin this series prosecute that invites Agirakca , \"scenes in this series , Mardin contains an insult to women, men ,\"he said .

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