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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:13

Cars flew off the cliff

Cars flew off the cliff
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Amasra in Bartin , cliffs, rolling the car's driver from the vehicle was removed with difficulty .

Bartın news: Amasra in Bartin , cliffs, rolling the car's driver from the vehicle was removed with difficulty .
accident , Bartin, Amasra district Kalesah occurred in the neighborhood . Allegedly, Erdogan Yildirim (39 ) administered 74 BB 791 cars a sharp bend in front of the hotel alamayarak rapidly rolled down the 200 foot cliff . Plain fell to the ground after the flying car slams into tree stood 50 feet dragging .
second of memories of a workplace accident was recorded by security cameras . Office employees told the incident to the police . Accident, fire , ambulance and police were sent instead . 200-meter cliff in 112 teams and firefighters who want to know the land they came down to the crash site with the help of the workplace for employees . The team that reaches the tree attaching to the standing car fitted with safety belts Erdogan Yildirim was out of the vehicle . Lightning seriously injured in many parts of the body were found to be broken . First aid response team at the scene after their 200-meter cliff casualties of the land is steep and wet places because of the hotel staff , firefighters and police 112 teams alternately carried on a stretcher . Erdogan put in place Lightning accident waiting ambulance , Bartin State Hospital has been removed . Erdogan's health condition is severe it was learned that Lightning .
employee workplace to the accident , \"Car was going very fast cornering no effort to return did not directly next to the hotel abyss gone. we were surprised rate estimate over 100 kilometers that I'm guessing . this curve is very sharp tools to 30-40 miles an hour, but can pass . Already a fire press did . straight into the abyss gone, we were surprised , \"he said .
Police launched an investigation into the accident .

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