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  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 11:09

Cartoon Character was drawn to the Children's Services

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Bitlis State Hospital Children's Service, removing capacity doubled , while the walls are adorned with cartoon heroes .

Bitlis State Hospital Children's Service, removing capacity doubled , while the walls are adorned with cartoon heroes . Hospital Administrator stating that they resorted to in such a way to avoid trauma in children who Erdal Photo Service petition, said they were trying to popularize the children's hospital . Erdal petition stating that they renew periodically outpatient and inpatient services in Bitlis State Hospital , complaining about the low number of beds in some quarters, \"We brought our number 28 bed before becoming current 60-bed service . Here we opened all of our 60 bed ,\"he said . < br/> services renewed stated that the petition of the physical environment , \"completely Bitlis our this service as a hand-drawn by a painter , children's characters and cartoon characters on the walls and were drawn to the room where the remains of children. our purpose of doing this , particularly the hospital environment stressful for children was to make merry . I think we do the most likely succeed. Similarly, there are 2 many children's playroom in our children's services . this is tiled and we equip them with toys . our children to be treated in the Service have made this work to ensure that discharged without passing through and the trauma experience more stress , \"he said . the petition indicates that they are in different studies in other services to enhance their morale and motivation in Photo adults, the first stage work to be provided to patients in a better environment for doing that and moving time for that guys said they walked by or to all units. Photo Bitlis State Hospital before stating that they removed half the number of children served with one Paediatrician , while Abdurrezzak Kumar, adding that every day a new unit brought to the hospital , \"Children's service at our hospital is one of the most hard-working unit . too many of our children. we're already in an emergency for most of the process of our children. this was also causing great intensity . we offer the moment in a more comfortable environment and better health services . children's services to the walls made ​​the picture figures, raising the morale of the children. it both children and the family are very happy , \"he said .

Cartoon Character was drawn to the Children's Services" comments for.


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