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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:02

Cat Killing in Eskişehir University Student's Trial

Cat Killing in Eskişehir University Student's Trial
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Cats that are entrusted in Eskişehir who perished violently pulling and posting videos that allegedly Mustafa C.

Eskişehir news: A. was still on trial . Photo Penal Court of First Instance in Eskisehir 4 defendants did not attend the hearing. Lawyers attended the hearing , stressed that the nature of the precedent decisions of the court . On the other hand, the court delegation Eskisehir Animal Protection Association President Kurt asked whether feelings towards meeting the demands of a loss. Thereupon speaking Wolves ,'Mala harm'towards the opening of a case , but said it was a creature damaged . Kurt stated that the survival of rights of animals , he said the following at the hearing:Photo \"They also have the right to live . You need to assessment of goods. We have to accept the demands of the meeting of the defendant's loss directions and even we do not negotiate on this issue is not even mentioned . Mala harm as part of the issues in this case I can not give a certain amount of value in the material sense of the cat, dead cat is not in the status of the goods for us. \"the trial court to remedy the lack of a Photo postponed to a later date .

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