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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:03

Catering Alperin of Ashura from Zonguldak Ocakları

Catering Alperin of Ashura from Zonguldak Ocakları
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Zonguldak Alperin catering to asure that January was made by the citizens of Zonguldak
Devrek Alperin due to the January month of Muharram, which was organized by the courtesy of Ashura Devrekli has attracted great interest by the citizens.

Zonguldak news: Zonguldak Alperen January by the citizens of Ashura catering was made
Zonguldak Devrek Alperen January by the month of Muharram because organized asure Complimentary Devrekli by the citizens has attracted great interest.
Central New Mosque in front of the noon prayer and then organized event information on that in January the President of Zonguldak Alper Murat Alper in the Black Sea deactivated if God would grant the corps will put into operation very soon. These activities work together with our brothers before the beginning of an auspicious integration and cohesion within our citizens girelim wanted. God bless Devrekli we were left alone in this charity work. Brothers and their exalted Allah accept our charity. To the virtue of Muharram, which I hope eylesin. The pleasure of Allah aspired those, Resullulah the path of those who went, Allah, Quran, flags, patriotism and religious right, moved to put his hand under those, but under the stone head of those who Idealist movement's last stronghold Alperin January to disable also soon put into operation will inshallah. Devrek from the people here so Alperen January in our brothers and sisters to claim we want,"he said.
Edit asure activity; Alperin Hearths, Chairman Murat for the Rehabilitation, Great Union Party provincial president Ahmet damask, Devrek Alperin Hearths, county President Abraham Karapınar, Metehan orphans and hundreds of guests while attending , the event ended with prayers.

Catering Alperin of Ashura from Zonguldak Ocakları" comments for.


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